Street Photography - February 20th General MeetingĀ 

Nyla James will be our speaker for the evening.

Nyla James is a highly regarded photographer and speaker. She is a lifelong resident of California, belonging to two local camera clubs and a Monthly Meet-Up group called “How Photographers Think”. She has had a love for photography since high school. Starting out with film, advancing into the digital age has been quite an experience for her. She is a continual learner, taking classes, reading and always open to trying new ideas. Nyla has participated in a number of group shows and had her first major one-person photo show in May of 2015 entitled “Abandon America”.

Nyla enjoys speaking and has spoken twice at the annual PSA Conference. She has also judged several international photo exhibitions, including the Great British Print Circuit in the United Kingdom. She is the PSA California State Membership Director and has recently joined the PJD team as their Conference Program Committee Chair. Nyla says that photography is the language that unites her with the world.

Hope to see all of you on February 20th as this special speaker shares her passion for photography with us !!!!

Macro Photography Workshop - February 27, 2018

With Jonathan Charles Willner

Jonathan Charles Willner is a 40 year old photographer currently residing in Granada Hills , Ca. He specializes in macro photography. He got his first Canon DSLR camera in December 2006, and by January 2007, photography was a full blown passion of his. He has been a photographer ever since. He has shot everything from headshots to weddings, modeling to family photos, live band shoots to promotional band shoots and now his main focus is nature, primarily macro photography . You can find a lot of his work online by searching out his full name and also look up ArtofJCW.

During the workshop, Mr. Willner will be showing printed images and talking about the techniques and gear used to capture each one. This will be a great way to learn about macro photography gear, setups, lighting, how to overcome common challenges, creative ideas to get better shots, as well as answering individual questions that anyone may have. There will also be a raffle drawing and some giveaways for people that attend.

Storm Photography with Rusty Nelson - March 20

On March 20th, at 6:00 our LPA general meeting will host Rusty Nelson as our speaker. The program will be about his passion and method for storm and weather photography.

Rusty Nelson is an Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert and was recently awarded Photographer of the Year with the Professional Photographers of Los Angeles. He is also an extreme storm chasing photographer and guide in Tornado Alley with Silver Lining Tours and spends most of his summer “chasing” in the Midwest with his camera.

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All About Aircraft with Rich Cooper - March 22, 2018

When: Thursday, March 22nd from 6:00 to 8:00.
Where: Quartz Hill Community Church, 43543 51st Street West, Quartz Hill, CA 93536 (corner of Avenue K and 51st Street West).

Coming up Thursday March 22nd, just in time for the LA County Air Show, we will have a great guest speaker, Rich Cooper. Rich will be giving a presentation on his recent work and how he got into this field of photography. He will discuss in depth taking the shots of airplanes and also let us have Q&A.

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Photography Workshop with Bryan Peterson - July 21-22 2018

The Lancaster Photography Association is privileged to host a workshop with World Renowned Photographer Bryan Peterson on July 21-22. We have a 15 person limit and the cost for the workshop is $175.00 (due by July 1).

Bryan Peterson is known for such things as Understanding Exposure, Understanding Color, Learning to see creatively, and many more. He travels around the world doing workshops throughout the year. But on July 21st he’s going to be meeting with 15 lucky LPA members to do a short slide / talk, followed by an outing the next day full of photography. His usual fee for something like this is $500 and up per person, but for us he’s doing it for $175 per person. If everyone can have their payment in by July 1st that would be great!

Please sign up below to indicate your interest.

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