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Thursday, January 19 2017 @ 02:40 AM PST
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Snow Goose Festival in Chico, California January 25-29, 2017

Field Trips


I (Eugene Duley) plan on spending a week at this festival and will be glad to talk with anyone that thinks they want to go. Email me at or call at (661) 816-4955.

Attending one of these festivals is a great way to find out about Birding. One can get a lot of coaching on birding knowledge and learning the photographic technics necessary to capture great photos.

The Pacific Flyway ranks as one of the greatest migratory pathways in the entire world, stretching from the Bering Strait off the coast of Alaska to the steeps of Patagonia in South America. Millions of birds representing hundreds of species use this great avian highway.

The area attracts a huge wintering population of waterfowl and raptors. A local favorite among these is the majestic Snow Goose, with the estimated overall population exceeding 5 million.

In Chico and the surrounding communities, they celebrate this magnificent spectacle of nature with the Snow Goose Festival on the Pacific Flyway.

The field trips start on Wednesday, January 25th and goes through Sunday the 29th. Event contact is Kathy Trevino. Registration (530) 520-2872 or (530) 345-1865 (office) or email at

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“Capture the Moment” at Mach Speed with James C. Ross, February 21, 2017


See what it takes to “Capture the Moment” at Mach speeds and view stunning aerial imagery of NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center Lead Photographer James C. Ross. Jim’s job responsibilities include documenting aircraft hardware installations, aerial research, and mission work that happens both at Edwards and around the world. During Jim’s 27-year career, he has logged over 800 flight hours in twelve different types of aircraft.

Come and learn about the art and perils of photographing the amazing events and documentation for NASA. 

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Desert Wildflowers & Scenes Workshop, February 28th, 2017



LPA will have a workshop at the AV Senior Center at 6 P.M., February 28th on Desert Wildflowers and Scenes, which will be presented by Sue Craft. Here is some of what she will be addressing:

“What makes a good Desert Wildflower and Desert Scene photo for the LPA May Competition?

Desert Scenes – Scenes depicting the environment, plants, animals and birds of the southwestern deserts. Desert Wildflowers – Close-ups and landscapes dominated by desert wildflowers.

Where can you go within a day’s drive and find a good place? The next question is how do you capture a shot that has impact?

Sue will share some of her favorite photo locations, and tips.”

About Sue Craft

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Field Trip - Havasupai, Grand Canyon, April, 2017

Field Trips

I (Eugene) am planning on a field trip to Havasupai, Grand Canyon. It’s still in the early planning stages. (Email me at or call at (661) 816-4955.) At this time the target date is the 2nd week of April. This is a real “rough it” adventure. Hike in, camp and play in the pools and waterfalls for a couple of days and hike back out. We have to buy our pass from the Indians and all proceeds go to the Indian Reservation Council. The reservations have to be made in Mid-February for the number of people attending. And campsites have to be reserved also. The Indians provide a mule team to carry all the gear in if one doesn’t want to carry it in the 10 miles to the campground.

Havasupai Tourist Enterprises Supai, AZ 86435

Camping info (928) 448-2180:

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