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Saturday, March 25 2017 @ 12:30 PM PDT
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Fourth Annual Los Angeles County Air Show at Fox Field - March 25-26, 2017

Field TripsFourth Annual Los Angeles County Air Show at Fox Field

March 25th-26th is the fourth annual Los Angeles County air show at Fox Field. The Los Angeles County Air Show is proud of their “In the Sky” 2017 performers lineup. Featured are the world famous United States Air Force Thunderbirds, always daring and exciting to kids of all ages. A couple of champion aerobatic performers are also scheduled to appear along with the Patriots Parachute Team. General admission tickets for the Saturday and Sunday performances are detailed under the Event Information drop down menu.
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Metadata and Copyright Workshop - March 28, 2017


On Tuesday, March 28th at the AVSC, Douglas Wade was asked to present a workshop on Metadata and Copyright information. Douglas is the current president of the LPA, and has been involved with the AV Fair and other photography outlets. He also held the offices of: Vice President, AV Fair Photography Chairman, LPA Webmaster and Newsletter Editor.

Metadata is data-on-data. You take a digital image with your camera. The camera adds metadata about the image. An image as we think of it is made up of pixels (picture) part and also contains data part. Such data as the camera model, lens, aperture, and capture date, to name only a few. Hundreds of different kinds of data and formats are available and can you can populate the data which helps keep track of your images inside of Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Photoshop and the Get Info of the file itself as you export and upload your images to sites.

This presentation will cover what information is available and how to add information to the files, such as keywords, creator information, like, name, email, phone, or address. How to look for information and how to correct it. Most importantly, how to suppress some data like your address, if so desired when exporting. As well as, what does social media do with your metadata?
How to use services to check on the use of your images. Are they being used by others for profit?

Also, copyright information. That is an area of metadata, which you express. He will cover some of the basics of copyright process and how you should identify the use of your images. For example, you establish your copyright the minute you push the shutter, but that is only as good as it is enforceable, find out what you should be doing to protect your images.

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