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2015 AV Fair Information

A.V. Fair

Presented by the Lancaster Photography Association

Message from this year's A.V. Fair Photography Exhibit Co-Chairs: Douglas Wade & Sue Craft

Fair Volunteers Needed for Photography Exhibit! Sign up here

For the most authoritative information and 2015 Exhibit Entry Guidelines, please visit the AV Fair Website. The information provided here does not replace what is in the Fair's on-line Exhibit Guide/Premium Book, but is only intended to add further clarification and help on preparing your prints for the Fair.

We would like to encourage everyone to sign up to volunteer as a clerk or exhibit monitor for the photography exhibit, you can do so on the LPA AV Fair Signup Page. For information about being an exhibit monitor, check out the AV Fair Monitor Responsibilities.

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DSLR Video Workshop, May 26 2015


At the Greenhouse Café in Lancaster, 6pm to 8pm

Featuring Christopher Seguin, Cinematographer – Director – Photographer

What an opportunity to learn how to use the video function on your DSLR. Most of us don’t realize the quality of the video that modern DSLRs can produce. Christopher Seguin will give us an introductory course to help us get started.

Christopher is a professional in the Film business with over 100 commercials and 1 television show with National Geographic under his belt. Before moving on to the big cameras he got his start on a Canon 7D. Christopher has been filming on DSLR since 2007 and been taking pictures with Canon products since 2005. He has a Bachelor Degree in Film from Full Sail University.

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Field Trip: British Polo Day, May 30 2015

Field Trips

WHAT : LPA Member Field Trip
WHERE : Will Rogers State Park Polo Grounds / “British Polo Day”
WHEN : May 30, 2015 ... Saturday
TIME : noon-5pm

Meet at Will Rogers Historic State Park and Polo Field at noon. This event will be the highlight of our day! In the 1930's, there were 25 Polo fields in Los Angeles. Today, the Will Rogers field is the only remaining one! Here we can eat our packed lunches, and then work ourselves around the field to get different vantage points for shooting. The event scheduled is “British Polo Day” and should be a fantastic photo opp. The “chuckers” (club games) begin at 2pm and end at 5pm. Parking fee is $12. 

Please sign up here if you'd like to attend.

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Field Trip: Mounted Shooters, June 13 2015

Field Trips

WHAT: LPA Member Field Trip
WHERE: Vincent Hill Equestrian Center
WHEN: June 13, 2015… Saturday
TIME: 10am to late afternoon

Meet at the Vincent Hill Equestrian Center, 552 Sierra Highway, in Acton, at 9:45am for photo tips and a group photo at arena entrance. The event is free to the public to come watch. It should be a fantastic photo op for our upcoming Action competition in July.

Cowboys and cowgirls dressed in either traditional western style or old time style of the late 1800’s will be atop a 1,200 pound horse, galloping through a patterned course, with guns firing as they aim for balloon targets. This event combines elements of barrel racing and pole bending, all done while using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, loaded with 5 rounds each of black powder blanks to shoot ten balloon targets set up in various patterns. The contestant with the fastest accumulated speed wins, however seconds are added to their raw time for knocking over barrels, dropping guns, and missing targets.

Please sign up here if you’d like to attend.

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