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Thursday, July 28 2016 @ 07:27 AM PDT
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2016 AV Fair Information

A.V. Fair

Presented by the Lancaster Photography Association

Message from this year's A.V. Fair Photography Exhibit Co-Chairs: Douglas Wade & Kurtiss Humphrey

Fair Volunteers Needed for Photography Exhibit! [LPA Members Sign up here], if not an LPA member, please review the schedule and email with your desired dates and times. 

For the most authoritative information and 2016 Exhibit Entry Guidelines, please visit the AV Fair Website. The information provided here does not replace what is in the Fair's on-line Photography Rules, but is only intended to add further clarification and help on preparing your prints for the Fair.

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Miscellaneous Ramblings around Bharat (a.k.a. India) August 16, 2016


Miscellaneous Ramblings around Bharat (a.k.a. India), August 16th, 2016

LPA Member Richard Wood will be presenting a whirlwind discussion of the history, culture, religion, and philosophy of India with some documentary photos from 2007 and 2016 and answering the perplexing questions of the number-one-monk-in-training (pictured below) and the LPA:  Why travel?  Why India? Why travel by train?  Why Sikkim?

India is a country and culture that was 5 millennium in the making, living in four centuries, with two dozen languages, and one dozen religions.

Tibetan refugee wool yarn makers, Darjeeling

Camel trains in the 21st century, somewhere north of Delhi

Richard Wood started his photography “career” in 1960 at the 50th Anniversary Boy Scout Jamboree in Colorado Springs using the old stand-by Kodak Brownie camera. On returning from the trip he gave a slide show after which his father took him to New York City to buy an Exakta SLR; probably as an excuse for his father to buy a new camera also.   The rest, as they say, is history.

After seeing America first, Richard began his international travels in 1978.  He has since visited 35 countries, some numerous times, been in every time zone at least twice, and visited six of the seven continents (Australia is still missing). 

Arriving in 1969 at Edwards Air Force Base, to begin his real day job as a test engineer for the Air Force, he quickly learned about the LPA and the annual Antelope Valley Fair photo exhibit and contest.  His first entry in the Fair was in the early 1970’s but did not become active in the LPA until he retired in 2002.

In the mid-1990’s, he was a credentialed journalist photographer for the America’s Cup yacht races in San Diego.  Several of his photos hung in the America’s Cup Museum.  He also published an 85-page paperback booklet on “A Concise History of the America’s Cup”; which he marketed in San Diego during the races.

Richard has given numerous slide shows of his travels at Edwards AFB, the local Sierra Club and Audubon Society, and for private dinner parties.  He is also active with the Sports Car Club of America, go kart racing, the Antelope Valley Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and volunteers at Piute Ponds with the Edwards AFB Environmental Management Branch.

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Human Interest Workshop September 27th


Presenter is Darren Cole

Ever wondered what makes a good Human Interest picture?  How does it differ from a portrait?  Or Photojournalism?

Our very own Darren Cole is conducting a workshop on Human Interest; how it differs from the other categories; and what makes a good Human Interest picture.

Darren started his journey into photography less than 3 years ago, but quickly fell in love with it. Darren has received numerous acknowledgements for his Human Interest pictures in S4C and PSA Competitions.

This workshop will give you ideas, tips, and tricks on how to improve your Human Interest photos.  The rules of Human Interest will be explained and examples provided to test your new knowledge. We will be expecting audience participation! Please join Darren on a journey as we explore the possibilities of Human Interest photography! 


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