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Saturday, September 23 2017 @ 02:39 PM PDT
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​Member Image Sharing Workshop – 09/26/2017


On September 26, 2017 at 6:00 p.m., we will be having a time for all of us to share some of our favorite images. This can be anything you would like to share – a project you have done, your winning fair images, your vacation photos, or anything else. You may upload the images to the LPA website at or you can bring a USB to the meeting (come a bit early if you do that so your images can be loaded on the computer). You can describe your images and perhaps a bit about settings, post-processing, or just run through them. We don’t want anyone to feel they can’t share because they don’t enjoy speaking in front of people.

Nan Carder will also be presenting some useful information regarding Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) and how their competitions and awards work. We encourage all our members to be participating in S4C competition opportunities.

So make sure to upload your images by September 19. We are looking forward to see what everyone is working on these days! 

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​Oak Creek Wild Horses Field Trip – 09/30/2017

Field TripsOn September 30, 2017, we will be having a field trip to take pictures of the Oak Creek Wild Horse herd near Tehachapi. We will be meeting at the gate of the ranch at 9:00 (Directions below). This is a herd of black horses that has inhabited this area for about 100 years. They are believed to have possibly originated from Morgan horse ranchs in the early 1900s. The horses are apparently fairly used to people, and you will have opportunities to get fairly close, so you don’t have to worry about having a long lens for this field trip. There are foals, mares and stallions with all the normal interactions that occur in herds of horses. 
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Fall Colors Field Trip, Oct 1-4, 2017

Field Trips

Fall Color Trip
Bishop and Surrounding Areas
Sunday, October 1 through Wednesday October 4
Led by Arliss Dawson

The first time I had the opportunity to go to Bishop, CA to make images of the fall color was with Kurtiss Humphrey. I found Bishop to be a very exciting and colorful place. It has been several years since my last time visiting Bishop, so I thought I would go again.

I would like to extend an invitation to you, my club members to go with me to Bishop, CA. Not only can we make images of the fall colors, but there is also the Laws Railroad Museum, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and on the way home there are the Alabama Hills, where most of the old western movies and TV series were filmed.

So if you were planning to go somewhere for fall color, make this outing to Bishop one of the many places you will visit. I cannot guarantee anything, but I can say you will not be disappointed if the weather permits. We will meet Sunday, October 1 in Bishop. I will e-mail participants the meeting place and time.

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Workshop: Layers in Photoshop, Nov. 28, 2017


We are going to have one of our Master Photographers help those of us who are wary of or just have not used Photoshop to become aquainted with the layers process.

Our very own Christine Wilkins will be teaching us the ins and outs of this powerful photo processing method. We will also be be working on our Holiday Greeting Competition for our December Christmas Party, so be sure to come and see what that is all about.

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