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Saturday, September 23 2017 @ 02:38 PM PDT

Fall Colors Field Trip, Oct 1-4, 2017

Field Trips

Fall Color Trip
Bishop and Surrounding Areas
Sunday, October 1 through Wednesday October 4
Led by Arliss Dawson

The first time I had the opportunity to go to Bishop, CA to make images of the fall color was with Kurtiss Humphrey. I found Bishop to be a very exciting and colorful place. It has been several years since my last time visiting Bishop, so I thought I would go again.

I would like to extend an invitation to you, my club members to go with me to Bishop, CA. Not only can we make images of the fall colors, but there is also the Laws Railroad Museum, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and on the way home there are the Alabama Hills, where most of the old western movies and TV series were filmed.

So if you were planning to go somewhere for fall color, make this outing to Bishop one of the many places you will visit. I cannot guarantee anything, but I can say you will not be disappointed if the weather permits. We will meet Sunday, October 1 in Bishop. I will e-mail participants the meeting place and time.

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