How to Mount Your Pictures

You have several options to choose from depending on which tools you have and how handy you are.

The most commonly available, recommended adhesive is 3M Photo Mount. It is a spray and sells for about $13.00 for a large can. One can should do quite a few prints. Other permanent adhesive that you might consider are 3M General Purpose 45, it is advertised as "Photo Safe" and cost about $5 at Home Depot. Also 3M Super 77 is slightly less expensive than Photo Mount, and the procedure for using it is the same. It is not advertised to be archival. I know several people who are using this and have been happy with it.

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Stokely's Tips for Better Pictures (Oct)

By Stokley Wilson

This month's tip will discuss a very "in depth" subject: Depth of Field. There are many references to determine the exact depth of field. These books are available at many sources. I have been unable to remember these formulas, let alone use them in the field. Therefore, I have found alternative ways to extract maximum depth of field.

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My Trip to Thailand

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”, and rightly so. The Thai people strive to have some fun with everything they do. Most of them lead a simple life. They just don’t worry about little things.

For my purposes, I also consider this country to be a “Photographer’s Paradise”.

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Stokely's Tips for Better Pictures (Sept)

By Stokley Wilson

One of the most talked about subjects in photography is sharpness. Most photographers spend a lot of time concerning themselves with image sharpness. When choosing equipment, this is probably the area of greatest concern. They purchase more expensive lenses. They buy the latest, sharpest film. Then they go out and shoot their cameras handheld.

Photographers will generally find any excuse to leave the tripod at home. It's too heavy, too bulky, or any other reason you can think of.

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Fall Photography in New England

By April Bielefeldt

Few places in the United States offer more stunning photography possibilities than New England.

For the last 5 years I have been going to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to capture the brilliant reds, fiery oranges, and glowing yellows that paint the trees from late September thru October.

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