Raising Your Photography to Master Level - September 25


How many of you entered images in the AV Fair Photography competition? How many of you now have to move up a level next year? How many of you want to win some blue ribbons next year? The goal of this workshop will be to give you some tips on raising the level of your photography and post-processing.

Master level photographers have images that are technically wonderful, have great impact, are composed interestingly with few distractions, with sharp focus and great post-processing. So we will discuss some of the basics of photography, the importance of post-processing in creating impact, and what the judges looked at while they were judging.

Kathy Newman will be leading this workshop. It should be a great time of learning together, and we will spend time discussing as a group the various ways we have found to improve our work.

Sierra Fall Colors Trip for October 19-21, 2018

Field Trips

The fall colors should be looking great in Bishop and the surrounding areas this time of year.  I am planning a 3 day trip for photographers, family and friends.  There is plenty to do in Bishop even if you are not a photographer.  Bishop has many hotels and restaurants and a Casino, Laws Railroad Museum and is a great base camp for the start of the trip.

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