Descanso Gardens, April 23, 2005

Field Trips

This month’s field tip took us to Descanso Gardens. As usual we met for breakfast at one of the local restaurants to talk about our strategy for the day.  Quite a few members attended. Although I didn’t get a head count, I guesstamate there were about 13 members sitting at the breakfast table. Breakfast is a great time to just sit down and get everyone hyped up for the coming trip and talk photography. Once we finished eating, we all got in our cars and headed out.



If you have never been to Descanso Gardens, April is the time you should seriously think about going. Plenty of flowers everywhere and the grounds were just beautiful. We happened to catch it at the right time since the gardens were sponsoring a pipe organ festival. Music was coming from everywhere and pipe organs were prevalent throughout the gardens.





I for one had a great time even though once we separated to find that “once in a lifetime picture”, I saw little of the group from then on. But hay, that’s life. I got some great pictures that no one else got and I suspect you’ll be seeing them in our next photo competition. I, for one, will probably be heading back in that direction to give it another go within the next month.


I came back with some great picture and I’m sure it will happen again.


Go see Descanso Gardens as soon as you can. You won’t regret it. Unless of course it’s raining.


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