Creative Photography Workshop - February 2009

Bill took on a real challenge this time in presenting a workshop that is the opposite of what he usually presents. That is, this time he focused on making changes to a photograph that would be obvious to the viewers that it was deliberately manipulated to produce a particular creative effect.

This was timed to give us ideas and help to prepare for our March photo competition for which the theme will be “Creative”.

Bill began by going through the steps to convert an image to Black and White and then using Layer Mask to “Paint back in” color to any element within the picture.

He showed us how to make frames and do drop shadows to add dimension to objects.

He showed us the steps in doing a Multi-Exposure Composite where a moving object shows up in several stages in the same picture.

He demonstrated how using “Curves” to a more extreme level can give you some really artistic results.

He showed us how we can create a “3 Dimensional” effect by causing an image to overflow it’s expected boundaries and using a drop-shadow to add dimension.

Probably the simplest tool Bill demonstrated was the Filter menu. No special skill involved here. Just go into the Filter menu, click on a filter, play with the sliders, and see what happens. Keep trying different filters and keep being amazed at how creative you really can be.

Bill spent a lot of time preparing for this workshop, had plenty of handouts and did a great job in the presentation. We also had a big turnout of our members.


Article By John Shedrick
Photos by Dennis Goodno

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