Venice Beach Field Trip- July 29, 2006

Our new field trip chairperson, Fred Griggs, decided to lead this trip, and he did a great job!  Fred scoped out the area ahead of time, and new exactly where to go, where to park, where to eat, and where/when to find those great photos.



Our adventure began when we met for breakfast at Denny’s, in Palmdale.  Fred provided very detailed maps (no one got lost), and twelve of us met up at the boardwalk in Venice.

With camera gear in hand, mini groups headed off towards their direction of interest.  Lyle Trusty went in search of patterns and S curves, and I went looking for “Unique Character” shots.  The “unique characters” really don’t show up until after noon, so I spent more time practicing my action/panning photography instead.  I kept looking for the much talked about “naked” man, but didn’t see him.  I guess I’ll need to go back one day.

Venice is full of photo ops, with loads of color, patterns, stories, characters, artistic expression, and one-of-a-kind opportunities.  If you’ve never been before, you should go!

Thank you Fred!

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