LPA Fall Color Trip, October 4-6, 2006

Field Trips

Wow, what a photo trip!  Once again, Lyle Trusty put together a great tip, and shared lots of photo tips.  Lyle shared the importance of having a graduated neutral density filter, and how to use it for sunrise and sunset shots.  In addition to leading us to all sorts of great spots, he also provided hints on the best time of day to be in certain areas.  Lee Simmons realized that she needed to be in way to many spots at 9am!

The group first gathered at the Galen Rowell Gallery, in Bishop.  Just being there, and seeing all the beautiful photos, inspired us and put us into “Photography Mode”.

Lyle led our group (of ten), up the Bishop Creek Canyons, pointed out all the great photo spots, and best times of day to photograph each.  After talking about backlit Aspen groves, waterfalls, streams, and lake reflections, and giving us our next two meeting times, he turned us loose.

The next morning, we left in the dark, and arrived up at North Lake, just as the sky was beginning to lighten.  Fred Griggs got there at 5am, and painted the trees with light!  The gang was all there with their tripods, and graduated neutral density filters, caputuring the light, as it lit up the high sierras, and aspen, which all reflected in the lake like a mirror!

Afterwards, some of the group was enticed by the beauty of the Aspendell waterfall, and practiced getting those blurry water shots.  Janine Roy was “workin” it with her camera, and took a BIG jump in her photographic skills.

The rest of the day was spent photographing all the beautiful fall color up the canyons, and at McGee Creek.  By this time we were all getting pretty tired, but a few “die hards”, who noticed the clouds in the sky, went up to Mono Lake, to try again to capture an awesome sunset.  We were treated to the full moon rising over the lake.


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