Tylene Trout’s Basic Photography Workshop

August 28th, 2007

This month’s workshop was presented by professional photographer, Tylene Trout and was geared towards beginning photographers, although even master photographers learned something new as well.


Tylene prepared a 9 page handout for everyone (extra copies will be available at the September general meeting).

The pointers/tips and summaries/reminders covered just about everything photographers should keep in mind during their photographic endeavors.  In addition to all of her beautiful photos, she used visual aids, such as lenses, tripod, polarizer, flash, and cable release, to demonstrate everything she explained.

The section on Composition was especially good, and even benefited the more experienced photographers in the group.  Her explanations helped many of us to understand topics that we weren’t quite sure about before

With all of her training, experience, and her ability to explain things in such an understandable, and even humorous way, it’s easy to see why her students have been winning so many photographic awards.  Tylene is accepting new students.  Check out her website at www.tylenetroutphotography.com

Thanks to Tylene and those who assisted her in putting on such a great workshop.

Over 50 people were present at the workshop, and one quarter of them were new faces.  A few even joined our club, and I’m sure we’ll see a few more of them at the next event. 



By John Shedrick & Sue Craft
Photos by Dennis Goodno

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