Photoshop Session #2 – The Power of Layers

Presented Oct 23, 2007 by Bill Kuhlemeier

Bill Kuhlemeier presented a second in a series of Photoshop "How To" sessions to over 30 members.  This session was "The Power of Layers".

It was a "basic level" workshop to explain why layers are the fundamental building blocks of all Photoshop activities, and so important.

As an instructor, Bill’s teaching style was easy to follow… logical, with handouts, and he went at a good pace, and was very willing to repeat, and pause for questions.

His description and use of layer masks was of most benefit to me, and I’m ready to put into practice what I learned (before I forget!).    Bill demonstrated the basic retouches, that are commonly used in portrait photography.


We all saw the benefit of working in layers… easy to go back and make corrections/adjustments, and to keep track of what you are adjusting (if you make logical labels). 

While Bill used Photoshop CS3 for the demos, the layer theory also applies to all previous versions of Photoshop, even Photoshop Elements.

Bill is willing to conduct more Photoshop “How To” lessons in the future, so if you have something you really want to know about… send Bill an email at or email our Workshop Chairperson, John Shedrick at


I have my own personal wish… How to Handle Large Quantities of Photos!  I’d like to know how to batch process files, and automate some of the photo adjustments.


Photos by Dennis Goodno

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