Lens Workshop by John Shedrick

February 26, 2008

Over 32 members attended John Shedrick’s lens workshop this month. John discussed the different type of lenses that can be used for portraits, landscapes, macro, action, wildlife, etc. and explained how APS digital cameras “crop” the image because of their smaller sensors.

He then covered the use of lens extenders to increase the focal length or magnification of telephoto lenses and how they decreased the effective f stop of the lens and how image stabilized lenses allow you to shoot at a slower shutter speed while hand holding your camera.

He showed several Popular Photography SQF (Subjective Quality Factor) lens charts for several popular lenses and pointed out the lenses “sweet spot”. He highlighted what to look for when purchasing a lens. He also described various techniques and equipment for cleaning lenses.

John provided a handout containing a lot of useful information including a list of many popular lenses and their cost.

There was quite a lot of participation from the audience during the workshop.

Thank you John for your excellent presentation!



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Text and Photos by Dennis Goodno

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