April 2008 Workshop: Photoshop & Camera Raw

Presented by Bill Kuhlemeier

Even though most of us have been shooting digital for quite a while now, many of us have been reluctant to take that extra leap into shooting RAW images.

Now that camera memory has gotten cheaper and in larger capacity cards, and also RAW processing software has gotten more user friendly, our attitudes have changed.

Just about everyone who wants to take their image processing abilities to the next level is either already shooting in RAW or about ready to start.

Bill had a well planned workshop, covering everything, beginning with the differences between RAW and JPEG files and when you might want to use each.

Using Photoshop CS3, he took us through all the steps of processing RAW images.

He began by adjusting the White Balance (Couldn’t be easier).

Perhaps the most impressive feature that Bill took us through was Exposure Adjustment. Bill showed us how to pull out a tremendous amount of lost detail from the shadows and highlight areas.

As he took us through the processing of various images, we learned techniques for using Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness and Contrast, Clarity , Vibrance, Saturation, Spot Healing, Straightening, Curves, Sharpening, Black and White Conversion and Batch Processing.

This was a very well presented workshop. Bill spent a lot of time putting this together, and had handouts for everyone covering the whole presentation.


Thanks Bill, for the great workshop.


[Notes from the Workshop can be downloaded here (PDF)]

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