Critique Workshop, September 23, 2008

So, tonight was our monthly workshop moderated by Lyle Trusty. It was all about critiquing and how to make your pictures better.

Critiquing takes a lot of courage, both having your pictures critiqued and doing the critiquing. If you bring your pictures in, you better be ready for the worst. That way there's no surprises. If you're doing the critiquing, you'd better be prepared for a lot of dirty looks.

Lyle started the evening off with an explanation of some of the elements of good composition and when and where to apply them. He handed out several pages of notes for everyone to follow along and take home to ponder.

We started off with the digital submissions. Technology is great isn't it. Just the fact that the pictures had been upload from the net before the meeting to the website never ceases to amaze me. That was unheard of just a few years ago. No one new anything about computers then. "The times, they are a changing", and fast.

Lyle began with throwing his two cents in, then went around the room and asked for input from willing members on how they rated individual pictures and what they considered were the compositional elements.

Quite a few members participated, each having their own perspective on what they liked and disliked.

Overall it was a well managed and informative evening and I'm sure a lot of members took home something they hadn't come in with. Information wise that is... :)


Good Job Lyle.


As a side note.

A few members were interested in High Dynamic  Range (HDR) photography. I'll be shooting some HDR on our next field trip so if youre going and want to ask some questions, feel free. I'll put some information on the Forum in the next couple days for some of the requirements and software you need to get started. It's not that hard but if you haven't tried it and not sure how to get started you may stumble a little till you can get the system worked out.

I may ad a section on speedlighting, studio lighting, 3d and 360 photography in the future if there is interest so.....

Stay Tuned and keep an eye on the forum

Article by Arley Clark
Pictures by Arley Clark unless otherwise noted


One more thing I wanted to show you before I go.

There was some talk about lighting and the differences between direct and directional flash so I went back and extracted a photo from one of our events to kind of let you see the differences.
The one on the left is just a terrible shot, does not complement anyone including the photographer.
The subjects have flat lighting.
The one on the right has lighting coming from the side and looks so much more real and three dimensional.


Get the Flash off the Camera Folks !!!

I love this shot of Darlene, all she need is a helmet. :)

That's enough, I'm outa here..............


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