Workshop: Image Sharpening, October 2008

Image Sharpening – From Dummies to Experts, Presented by Bill Kuhlemeier

We had a nice turnout, with quite a few of our newer members present for October’s workshop.

Bill only covered one subject this time; Image Sharpening, but he covered it thoroughly.

He began by explaining just what sharpening can and can’t do for your images and exactly what takes place when sharpening is applied.

He both explained and demonstrated everything from why larger pixels need less sharpening to achieving the correct amount of sharpening.

He went over all the different methods available in Photoshop and explained the pros and cons of each, and just what all those different sliders do.

Some of the more advanced methods can make your head spin.

Bill had lots of handouts that explain everything he covered, so if you missed the workshop, you can still pick up a handout at our next meeting, or you can download it from our website.

I know I gained a much better understanding of sharpening and I could tell from others comments that the steps he went through are finally becoming clear to them.
Thanks, Bill, for another great workshop.


John Shedrick

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