Discussion Group Notes November 14, 2008

Six of us showed up this last Friday and it was a great night. Most of us showed up by 6:30 and we went til 8:50, just before closing. Bonnie was still not up to joining

Terri started us off with a view of her new laptop and their (Terri and Lee) pictures from the Zoo trip. The laptop was nice and they got some real nice pictures of animals. My favorite was of two deer, composed with one above the other on a hillside, facing opposite directions, with the head of the lower one nestled between the legs of the upper one like a jigsaw puzzle. Terri said she meant to do that. This picture looks like it belongs in a magazine.

LPA is having a competition in January with the theme "Close Ups" which is defined as "Photographs of small subjects or close up views of sections of large subjects." We discussed what we thought "Close-Ups" means, like just a head shot of a person, an eye, or ????? We wondered how this differs from "Macro" shots. see:

Jo asked some questions about her point-and-shoot pocket camera. She didn't bring it with her so I brought out my little Canon, which I still know little about. But we compared my buttons with what she remembered about her buttons and the buttons on Terri's pocket camera and decided that there are enough differences that we would have to look at it to tell her what she can actually do with it. I hope someone understands what I just wrote because I'm confused.

Lee told us about a problem he had with his Canon digital SLR. It seems it has locked up on him twice and he was able to get it going again by shutting it down, pulling the batteries, and rebooting (turning it on). Afterward he talked to the folks at Paul's Camera and they said that they had seen that and recommended using an eraser to clean the electrical contacts on the lens.

Terri said that Tylene has volunteered to take us on a Duck Shoot at Apollo Park some Saturday morning in the coming month or two. I plan to bring my 12-gauge and Steve volunteered to bring a fry pan. I'll have to look in my new book "Chickens in Your Backyard" to see how to pluck and prepare them. We had a good time with this but Terri really meant a photographic shoot.

In February Tylene is conducting a workshop on composition and, if I understood Terri right, this would be a good time for the non-professionals to bring out their point-and-shoot cameras.

We spent a few minutes talking about wi-fi connections (which is free at Bianco's) and other computer communications. Terri brought up the LPA web site on her new laptop to look at the calendar, forum, and competition rules.

We also talked about those small, local field trips. Lee, Terri, and I (and possibly Jo and Steve) will be getting together at Willow Springs for a car and a motorcycle race.

We made a list of some of the local places we know of that we would like to visit and came up with the following, though some are already listed on the LPA web site (http://www.lpaphotography.org/PlacestoGo/ptg.html):

I hope to compile a longer list when I get the time.


Refrain: We meet each Friday at Bianco's Cafe at the South end of the Lancaster Market Place, behind and across the street from Movies 12. The core times are from 7 to 8 PM but there's typically someone there from 6:30 to at least 8:30. Bianco's will keep the lights on for you.


Glenn Olson
Coordinator and Moderator

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