Basic Photography Workshop - March 2009

We had a large turnout for this month’s workshop with many of the attendees being members of the public, since this was advertised as free to the public.

Tylene focused primarily on how to take better pictures and used actual photographs to illustrate all the points as she explained them.

She explained what apertures are and the pros and cons of using small vs large apertures.

She even had different tripods available to show some choices for steadying your shots.

She showed us numerous examples of good and bad composition, rule of Thirds, what to watch for in the border areas, shots taken at different times of the day and things to keep in mind to add interest to your photograph.


She allowed enough time to answer all the general questions that the audience had, and then we moved on to possibly the most important portion of the evening; the “One-On-One” session.

Tylene asked the attendees, who would like help with their particular cameras. We had plenty of experienced members who were present and ready to help with various brands and types of cameras.


Tylene took each of the attendees who requested help, and paired them up with one or more of our members who she thought would be qualified to offer help for their particular camera. We even had a station manned by Terri and Nan to show people how to upload their images to their computers.

This was a very well planned and presented workshop. She had thorough handouts prepared which included a glossary of photographic terms.

Tylene really made the most of a two hour session. Her idea for the “One-On-One” session was a big hit which we should consider doing more often.


Thanks, Tylene, for giving us a great workshop.

Photos by Dennis Goodno

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