Red Rock Canyon – Great Photo Op near Las Vegas

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By P. Dale Ware

If you haven’t visited the Red Rock Canyon area about 20 miles outside of Las Vegas, you’re missing a wonderful photo opportunity. It offers rugged mountains as a background, huge red rock formations and a smattering of Joshua trees to make your photo foregrounds interesting.

I’ve visited other sites near Vegas like the Valley of Fire, but nothing I’ve seen so far has the variety that you’ll find in Red Rock Canyon. Besides the mountains and desert flora and fauna, there are little creeks here and there with water rickling in them.

To get to those, be prepared to hike a short distance, and wear a sturdy pair of shoes to negotiate the steep, treacherous slopes in some places. People with walking problems should think twice about trying out these trails.

Be sure to bring a backpack or over-the-shoulder type camera bag. The rolling type won’t work. There are oodles of rocks on the ground. I used my 18-35mm extreme wide-angle lens most of the time to get good depth of field, but a macro lens might be good, too, for close-ups.

When we were there, we didn’t see any wild flowers blooming because it had just snowed. However, you might find blooms if you visitwhen the temperatures are warmer.


If a bad cold and bronchitis hadn’t cut my trip short, I would’ve spent more time getting some fantastic shots of the canyons. The reds of the rocks, the blue and white of the snow-tipped mountains in the distance, and the fluffy, low hanging clouds were fantastic.

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