June 2009 Workshop - Camera Stuff

Led by John Shedrick

This month’s workshop was a moderated discussion (Show and Tell) of photo gear. Members were encouraged to bring in something of interest and tell us about it.


Quite a few of us participated. We got to see and hear about some unique compact tripods and monopods, an LCD Viewer that lets you closely examine your LCD screen, even in sunlight, a shoulder carrying strap to take the weight off your neck when carrying that heavy camera and lens around, a compact white balance card that enables you to obtain a correct white balance during image processing, the latest netbook pc’s and how great they are for storing and viewing your photos while traveling, a right-angle viewer that enables you to easily take shots from ground level without laying on the ground, a photo display album with low glare inserts, close-up filters, shoe-mount flash units and wireless flash triggers, a Ring-Light flash attachment that provides a soft modeling light without casting a shadow, a sensor cleaner that attracts dust with a static charge, a tool for straightening a bent pc connector on your camera and a panoramic tripod head for a perfectly aligned panorama.

We talked about some of the things to consider when choosing a tripod, some alternate image editing programs like Lightroom, how to save money on screen-protectors, the new high capacity memory cards, carrying tripods on airlines and a fanny-pack for carrying your camera and gear.

There was plenty of participation and interaction between our members and most of us have now added a few more items to our wish-lists. It was an interesting and fun workshop. Thanks to everyone that participated.



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