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Arliss Dawson has come through again...  On Saturday, July 31, he'll be leading another field trip to Tropico Mine in Rosamond from 6:00am to 10:00am.  The cost to attend  this trip is $12.50 per person.  Those members who haven't pre-paid are welcome to attend and pay the morning of the event.  A release of liability will be required and will be available at the event.

Please put your name on the if you'd like to attend this trip. (Login required.)  Note that even if you added your name to the previous list expressing interest in such a trip, you'll need to sign up on the current sheet for this particular field trip.

Read on for information about the mine and the trip, and to see a few of the pictures from the previous trip's gallery.

Field Trip Information for Tropico Gold Mine

Tropico Gold Mine was founded in 1896. Abandoned equipment and buildings, and old mine shafts are scattered among the site.

Participant should be aware that this location can be frequented by poisonous snakes, coyotes, and other dangerous wildlife. Please do not touch or harass wildlife. There may be uneven footing, rocks, slippery surfaces, and underbrush.

Locations that involve old buildings and historic sites call for extreme caution. Such sites may not be safe to enter and one should do so after determining it is safe to do so.

Abandoned mine shafts should never be entered. Historic sites may include broken glass and other sharp objects. Participant should be at all times aware of his/her surroundings.

The above mentioned are some, but not all of the hazards that could be encountered on this trip.


Glenn Olson

Helen Henry
Cheryl Ross

Nan Carder
Arliss Dawson
Sue Craft

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Our first post want to be sure we are on sign up sheet for the July Tropico trip. Pictures great whetted our interest
Go ahead and again if you'd like to go. The previous signup was just to gauge interest and whether it should be a weekday or weekend trip. This one is for real.

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