Descanso Gardens, April 2, 2011

A bit of cloud cover, just a hint of wind, and tulips in bloom made for a great day to photograph flowers at Descanso Gardens.  Seven of us enjoyed a hearty breakfast at Lucky Roxy's and headed down to Descanso to see what we'd find. What we found was what we'd expected- flowers in bloom everywhere.  The tulips in particular were bright and colorful, as were the lilacs, cherry blossoms, and various other species of flower and tree.

Photographers at Work
After the group photo, Sue gave a quick briefing and handed out a tip sheet by Tylene to help us remember the basics of flower photography (and close-up photography in general).  We then dispersed about the garden on our own or in small groups, but everyone seemed drawn towards the tulip display first.

Everyone had a good time trying out different views and camera settings.  Check out some of the results in the gallery.


Descanso Gardens had asked us to provide you with the following information regarding photography in their Gardens:

  1. An amateur photographer may only bring one camera bag into the Gardens;
    Member Photos
  2. A tripod is allowed as long as it is hand carried;
  3. No bags with wheels or dollies are allowed;
  4. No reflectors or lighting equipment is allowed other than a flash attached to a camera;
  5. Amateur photographers may not bring models into the Gardens for photo shoots;
  6. Amateur photographers who carry gear into the Gardens are expected to sign an agreement that they understand the Gardens policies and procedures;
  7. Photographers are not allowed to block pathways or visitor access to any area of the garden;
  8. No walking in flower beds or interfering with wildlife in the Gardens; and
  9. Photos and videos of Descanso Gardens are not to be used for commercial purposes – This means that photos may not be sold.

Everyone carried their gear in in vests, backpacks and by hand, and we had no issues getting in or around the garden.  As always, we were careful not to interfere with the other guests'  enjoyment.

Photo by Ashley Craft

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