April Short Shoot Flower Tips

Something to think about: Poppies don’t wake up til after 9:30am more like 10am which means you’ll be dealing with the sun a lot. Think water, light colored clothing, long sleeves, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. I had a long sleeve white shirt on the other day and although it made me a little warm I appreciated the
assist in dealing with the extremely bright sun. Also, you’ll want to wear very comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes. There’s a lot of sand as well as it being spring and there are bees/ insects and maybe even some snakes out and about.

Keep in mind this is a short shoot. We will not be out all day, but you still may need a small snack of a granola bar or trail mix depending on when you had breakfast. Please make sure you eat breakfast and keep in mind that there are no bathrooms where we’re going.

Things to pack/ think about packing:

Things to think about while shooting wildflowers:

At the bottom is a link to a mini e-book chocked full of excellent information on photographing wildflowers so I won’t duplicate anything here. Definitely read through it as quite a bit of what I would have said here is in it with a lot more detail.

Most importantly have fun! Try things you wouldn’t normally do.

Here’s a link to a Free E-book on Wildflower Photography Tips,

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