Santa Monica Pier At Night Field Trip - Saturday July 14, 2012

Field Trips

About 10 of us made the trip to Santa Monica, mostly to escape the heat of the Antelope Valley. We met at the dinosaur and 3th and Broadway. We grouped up and talked about some shot setups, such as shooting the athletic equipment; under the pier; on the pier; and the sunset with the pier in the foreground. The pier was very crowded and we all knew that we would get someone in about every shot.

When some of the group wanted to take images at the carousel where we got chased out, because we had tripods (but we were not using them). We moved around the area, looking for interesting items. Most of us did our own thing. I hung out with Tina Crowe and we moved all over the area. Starting at the carousel, then down to the athletic equipment where we tried to catch some performers and others having a good time. We moved to under the pier, the sides and up on top. We loitered around waiting for the sunset, wishing for some clouds but none this night. We took lots of images this day and headed back to the AV where it had cooled off.

Photos by Douglas Paul Wade

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