PSA Report for December 2012

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Here are some of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) activities for December:

PSA Projected Image Open Interclub Competition: Congratulations go to Tina Crowe and Anita Kratofil for winning Honorable Mentions at the October Projected Image Divisions competition in Group B. The entries from the Lancaster Photography Association were the following: Old Diner (Dale Ware), [mglink:20121129132518761 Passion for Pink] (Tina Crowe), Reaching from Terra (Tom Van Langenhoven), Waffles for Breakfast (Lee Garner), [mglink:20121129132536121 Yosemite Falls Moonbow] (Anita Kratofil), and Yosemite Valley View (Sue Craft).

Projected Imaging Division Creative Interclub competition: The entries for the December Projected Image Divisions Creative Interclub from the Lancaster Photography Association were the following: Atomium 1 (Anita Kratofil), Water Lily (Dale Ware), Gateway to the Stars (Bill Sutton), Moon Handler  (Brent Bremer), Ford Radiator and Head Lamps (Pat Ware), and Bleeding Heart (Helen Henry). There have not been any results posted.

Photojournalism Interclub: The entries for the PSA Photojournalism Interclub December competition are the following: Dirt Flies Steer Wrestlin (Diane Cable), Plastic Bubble Fun (Scott Shackelford), Markel Irizar Time Trial (David Wilkins), Wood Turner (Dale Ware), Endeavor Finale, (Sue Liberto), Fun at the Park (Helen Henry). There have not been any results posted.

Ocean State International Exhibition: The Ocean State International Exhibition of Photography accepted images are now posted on-line at Congratulations again goes to Diana Edgel and Sue Craft and all of the LPA members having images accepted. All of those images can be seen at the web link above. Lancaster Photography Association was fourth place in the Club’s Competition. The points were taken from the top six exhibitors from each club.

Greater Lynn Photographic Association, Lynn, MA – USA
Susan Mosser, FPSA, Club Rep., 291 points, 49 entrants
Boston West Photographic Society, Framingham, MA – USA
Tom Manders, Club Rep., 288 points, 9 entrants
Cape Cod Viewfinders, Harwich, MA – USA
Janet DiMattea, Club Rep., 276 points, 23 entrants
Lancaster Photography Association, Lancaster, CA – USA
Nan Carder, Club Rep., 274 points, 9 entrants
Stony Brook Camera Club, Wrenham, MA – USA
Jake Jacobson, Club Rep., 273 points, 23 entrants
Nashoba Valley Photo Club, Westford, MA – USA
Dick Kenyon, MNEC, Club Rep., 272 points, 14 entrants
Gateway Camera Club, Framingham, MA – USA
Paul Smith, Club Rep., 270 points, 8 entrants
Manchester Camera Club, Manchester, NH – USA
Abby Krim, Club Rep., 270 points, 9 entrants
Geelong Camera Club, Belmont – Australia
Frank Kennedy, Club Rep., 267 points, 9 entrants
Hockomock Digital Photographers, East Bridgewater, MA – USA
Joe Kennedy, Club Rep., 264 points, 10 entrants
Boston Camera Club, Boston, MA – USA
Tirtha Chakraborty, Club Rep., 257 points, 10 entrants
Ipswich Photographic Society, Ipswich, Queensland – Australia
Tina Dial, Club Rep., 257 points, 10 entrants
Duluth Superior Camera Club, Duluth, MN – USA
Joseph Kubala, Club Rep., 248 points, 10 entrants
Fall River Camera Club, Fall River, MA – USA
Lorraine Anderson, Club Rep., 248 points, 8 entrants
Quinebaug Valley Photography Club, Pomfret, CT – USA
Suzanne Buell, Club Rep., 248 points, 8 entrants
Focus Photo Club (FPC) – Iran
Ali Samei, EFIAP, ESFIAP, HonPESGSPC, Club Rep., 245 points, 27 entrants
Assabet Valley Camera Club, Hudson, MA – USA
Maureen Mathieson, Club Rep., 199 points, only 5 entrants
Upper Cape Camera Club, Falmouth, MA – USA
69 points, only 2 entrants
South Shore Camera Club, Quincey, MA – USA
59 points, only 2 entrants

The Projector: The was just released. It has a new format, and has interesting information.

PSA Individualized Photography Course: Fran Marroquin completed the Individualized Photography Course #1. Fran said that the course challenged her to do different aspects of photography that she had not done before. Bonnie Matthews also completed the course in 2010.

PSA Image/Photography Analysis Course: Another course that PSA offers is the Image Analysis Course. Some of the LPA members that have completed this course are the following: Helen Henry (2009), Nan Carder (2010), Bill Sutton (2011), David Wilkins (2011), Arliss Dawson (2011), Dale Ware (2011), Pat Ware (2012), and Bonnie Matthews (2012). If any LPA member is interested in judging photography, this is a good course to take.

PSA Web Site: The revised PSA Web Site will be on line January 1, 2013. At this time the new Membership Fees will take effect. Members can sign up or renew their memberships with the old rates until that time.

Membership Dues: The PSA membership dues will increase January 1, 2013. Members can join PSA at the current rates until December 31, 2012. Memberships can also be renewed until that time.

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