S4C Report-August 2014

I have not been notified of any changes to the competition rules as of this date. We do know there will be changes coming soon.

PSA Council Challenge (S4C) participated

The Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) entered the Photographic Society of America’s (PSA) Council Challenge again in 2014.  Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA, is the S4C Council Rep and chose the entries for this year’s competition.

The Council Challenge was judged this year by the St. Louis Camera Club.

Sue Liberto won an Honorable Mention with her image “Tall Ships” in the Color Digital Section.

Other LPA member’s images entered were the following:
“California Poppy 9801”                  Nan Carder, EPSA
“Sail Away”                                        Holly Peskin

In the Monochrome Digital Section, LPA member images entered were the following:
“Oldest House in Owens Valley”      Pat Ware
“Tiger 7341”                                     Nan Carder, EPSA

S4C was third in the Color Digital Section. Images are selected from the S4C competitions held yearly.

Congratulations to EVERYONE!

For those entering in the AV Fair, if you have winners and for those that feel they have excellent images, please send me your images with your UEN so I can begin the process of entering the LPA in the Inter-club competitions. If you have any questions about S4C, or wish to send my images, please email Bonnie Matthews at S4C@lpaphotography.org.

Bonnie J. Matthews

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