S4C Newsletter Report-September 2014

S4C stands for “Southern California Council of Camera Clubs.”

For Interclub competition, send me your images and I will meet these deadlines.

For Individual Competitors, mark your calendars and be sure to meet these deadlines.

Oct: Entries open Sept 13th, Close Oct 4th with remote judging Oct 11th.
Nov: Entries open Oct 11th, Close Nov 8th with physical judging Nov 22th.
Dec: Entries open Nov 18th, Close Dec 6th with remote judging Dec 13th.
Jan: Entries open Dec 13th, Close Jan 3rd with remote judging Jan 10th.
Feb: Entries open Jan 17th, Close Feb 7th with remote judging Feb 14th.
Mar: Entries open Feb 14th, Close Mar 7th with remote judging Mar 14th.
Apr: Entries open Mar 14th, Closes Apr 4th with physical judging Apr 11th.
June 6th is the Banquet at Almamsor Court.

Plan Ahead! “The Southern California Council of Camera Clubs bestows honors on individuals who qualify through active participation in a wide variety of photographic and S4C-related activities. The purpose of the honors is to encourage and acknowledge service to S4C and to member clubs. Honors are on the basis of points an applicant has earned in accordance with the point schedule set in out below. Applications must be received by the Honors Committee not later than April 1, each year. It is urged that applications be submitted earlier than this if possible.” The procedures and application can be found at: http://www.s4c-photo.org/honors/honors.html (info taken from S4C website). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

For S4C Interclub and to participate as an Individual, Everyone MUST have a UEN to enter. If you do not have one, please go to the S4C website and request yours today (just takes about 5 min)! When sending an image, please send me your UEN. If you have any questions about S4C or wish to send me images, please email me at bonniejmatthews@hotmail.com.

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