Light Refraction and Spirography Workshop, Nov. 25th, 2014

Presented by Bill Debley

Bill Debley’s website is and the title gives you only a hint of what was presented Tuesday night (11/25) at the Greenhouse Café. It’s safe to say our LPA members were treated to photography that they had not seen before.

Bill not only showed us some creative abstract images that brought “wows” from the audience but he showed us how it was done. Bill’s engineering background was apparent as he explained some complicated qualities of light but yet his tools for created the images were simple to understand and inexpensive.

Images created with Spirography, Domes, Burning Steel Wool (at the beach only) and Refraction were amazing… most of which our members can create on their own.

The final segment of the evening was on Refractory photography. Bill is a pioneer in this area of photography. The overly simplified explanation of which is to take photos of light refracting through an object with the camera without a lens. Go to Bill’s website for a better understanding.

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