PSA Report, January 2015

By Nan Carder, EPSA, DFS4C, PSA Club Representative

PSA Annual Conference, West Yellowstone: The PSA Annual Conference will be held in West Yellowstone, Montana from September 27 to October 3, 2015. There will be three hotels available in West Yellowstone. The Holiday Inn West is the conference hotel with conference room rates of $109 and up. The Gray Wolf Hotel is several blocks from the Holiday Inn with rates of $89 for Queen/King beds. The Yellowstone Park Hotel has room rates of $99 for Queen/King beds.

This conference will be different in that there will be 30 half or full day tours offered during the conference. Some of the speakers will include Art Wolfe, Mike Moates, and Roman Kurywczak.


PSA Projected Image Division (First Round): Congratulations Ron Yagi (“Bird of Paradise”) for winning an Honorable mention in the PSA Projected Image Division first round Group B.

PSA Projected Image Division (Second Round): Entries for the PSA Projected Image Division Group B are the following – “Black Crowned Night Heron Nesting” Holly Peskin, “CARMA 1” Kurtiss Humphrey, “Garden Portrait” Kathy Newman, “Lavender Yellow” Diana Edgel, “Mountain Bluebird” Sue Liberto, and “Sadie” Dwight Franke.

Projected Image Division Creative (First Round): Results are pending. The deadline for the second round entries is February 1.

PSA Nature Division Interclub (Second Round): Entries for the second round PSA Nature Interclub are the following: “Alaska Brown Bear with Salmon” (Tina Crowe), “Black Crowned Night Heron Nesting” (Holly Peskin), “Fish Fight” (Don Bennett), “Playful Sparring” (Bill Sutton), “Rockin Bear” (Chris Wilkins) and “Yosemite Valley View” David Wilkins.

PSA Photojournalism Interclub (First Round):  The results for the PSA Photojournalism Division Interclub competition Group A were announced. Rock Myers won an Honorable Mention with his image “T Ball Yawning”. Scott Shackelford’s image “Little Guy Big Imagination” also won an Honorable Mention. Rock and Scott’s images may be seen at this PSA website. The Lancaster Photography Association placed fourth. Also participating were Bruce Cable, Sue Liberto, Tom Van Langenhoven, and David Wilkins.

PSA Photojournalism Interclub (Second Round): Entries for the second round PSA Photojournalism Interclub are the following: “Blue Angels Echelon” (Diane Cable), “He Walked Away” (Rock Myers), “Arranburu Time Trial 3027” (David Wilkins), “Mission Nuns” (Sue Liberto), “Street Lady” (Doug Wade), and “Surfer Girl 1” (Tina Crowe).

PSA Travel Interclub (Second Round): The deadline for entries is February 15.

PSA Photojournalism Interclub Judging: The Lancaster Photography Association judged the first round of the Photojournalism Interclub Group B competition in December. Judges were Tina Crowe, David Wilkins, and Sue Liberto. Coordinating the event were Nan Carder and Chris Wilkins. Also assisting was Bill Sutton. There were images judged in both Photojournalism General and Photojournalism Human Interest. All LPA members judging and assisting are PSA members and they all have completed the PSA Image Analysis Course.

PSA Projected Image Division Creative Interclub Judging: The Lancaster Photography Association judged the first round of the PSA Projected Image Division Interclub competition. Judges were Nan Carder, Bonnie Matthews-Franke, and Bill Sutton. All images judged were “altered reality” images.

Travel Interclub Judging: The Lancaster Photography Association has been invited to judge the third round of the Photo Travel Interclub competitions for the 2014-2015 PSA Interclub competitions.

PSA Journal: Bill Sutton submitted an image to be published in the January PSA Journal and his image “A Whale of a Fiesta” was selected. His image can be seen on page 19. Over 200 images were sent in.

Bill’s image and many more images of the Balloon Fiesta may be viewed at this weblink (Bill’s image is the first one).

PSA Photojournalism Division Quarterly Competition for Individuals: Entries are now open for the first Photojournalism Division Quarterly Competitions for Individuals. There is Photojournalism Open and a themed “PJ Home Place” entry. Four images may be entered in each section. This event is for LPA members who are PSA members. LPA members should enter using the Entry Form – 2 or Less. Tina Crowe won a year-end award and medal for 2012-2013.

More information can be found at this website:

PSA 365-Day Gallery for PSA Members: PSA's 365-day galleries officially began on January 1, 2015. Each PSA member is invited to submit up to one image per day, using the 365-day-upload form and following the assignment of the day. You do not have to submit every day in order to participate. We have provided daily assignments to keep the gallery inspired and interesting. For more information, please go to this web site.

PSA MAC Chapter Results are now on line and can be seen at this web link:

Southern California Roundup Chapter Event:  On February 21, 2015, the PSA Southern California Chapter will have a photo event held at Descanso Gardens.  Registration will open December 2014, More information to come.

More information can be found at this webpage. If anyone would like information about the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, EPSA at

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