DSLR Video Workshop with Chris Seguin


Our workshop on May 26th, 2015 featuring cinematographer Chris Seguin gave our 30 attending LPA members some new challenges. Chris has filmed over 100 commercials and a National Geographic television show. His first videos were created on his Canon 7D. Since then his equipment has progressed significantly as you would expect.

Many of us know out DSLR has a video function but few of us have given it a try. Chris gave us some basic instuctions that will enable us to explore a whole new genre of photography.

The one hour plus presentation featured videos that Chris has created as well as directions on the settings and process. A complete detailed list is too long for this write up but I’ll give you a basic outline (courtesy of Sue Craft) of the topics covered.


Settings for Canon 7D, Chris uses other camera models (mostly Canon), and mentioned the terms may differ from model to model and with different manufactors.


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