Beginning Photography - September 15th & 22nd

777 Jackman, Lancaster  6:00pm

Are you new to photography or know someone who is? We have two free workshops for you. 

If you are experienced photographer, we’d love to have you attend as well. There will be many  questions from our new photographers and your knowledge will help them learn about this hobby that we enjoy so much. 
We will be covering many photography topics, in general, easy to learn terms and even more importantly, we will give you the resources that will enable you to continue learning on your own.

  • September 15th, we will cover camera choices, computer and monitor criteria, lens choices, lighting options, tripods as well as photography accessories. 
  • September 22nd, we will cover training/education options, image capture (ISO, aperture, shutter speed), dials, buttons, screens and post-processing options. 
The purpose of these workshops is to give the beginning and perhaps intermediate photographers a solid base from which they can grow their photography skills. 
Mark, it on your calendar and invite a friend.

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