San Juan Capistrano Field Trip, Jan 2005

Field Trips

We had a good turnout for this trip which began with breakfast at Baker's Square.  Traffic was very light and we quickly arrived at the mission.  We had a total of 13 members and two guests making the trip.

We had a partly cloudy day and the temperature was just about perfect for being outside.


We didn't waste any time as there was much to see and photograph within the mission grounds.  Each of us headed for those things that caught our interest the most.  Some stopped right at the front fountain, others began photographing the mission structures and colorful gardens.


More of us headed for the chapel with it's beautiful and ornate designs. There was more than enough to keep us content.


By noon time, we were all getting hungry and decided on lunch at one of the restaurants right across the street.

During an enjoyable meal, we discussed our plans for the remainder of the day.


Some had to head home that evening, while others intended to look for local accommodations and take in some more sights the next day.


But all of us agreed, with a little urging from Fred, that we should take the walking tour of the historic district.  We stuck together on the tour, found quite a few interesting subjects to photograph, and Ann Trusty found that perfect home that she can dream about moving into.


After our walking tour, we took a break and a snack at a coffee house.  Some of us then headed back to the mission to catch some shots with the sun at a much lower angle.  A few headed down to Dana Point hoping to catch a nice sunset.


All of us had an enjoyable time.

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