Civil War Re-Enactment - August 21, 2005

Field Trips

About ten of  us made the trip to Fort Tejon.  We met for a hearty breakfast at the Blue Bird before heading out.

As there was already quite a crowd when we arrived, we had to park some distance away.Although it was a sunny day, temperatures remained pleasant.

This month was the largest battle reenactment that comes to this area.

There were many participants portraying the civil war battles.  All of them authentically dressed and acting the part, which is what they seem to live for.  Even Abraham Lincoln was there, and recited his Gettysburg Address for us.

They were all eager to have their pictures taken and talk about their favorite hobby, civil war reenactment.

The confederate soldiers were camped in the upper area of the grounds, while the union soldiers were camped down below, mostly under the trees.

There were two battles on the schedule.  Before and between those battles, we were free to roam around their camps and see and photograph life just as it was back then.

The women were mending the uniforms and performing various necessary chores.  Some of the men were resting, while others were loading ammunition and cleaning their firearms for the coming battles.

This was another good field trip thanks to Dean Webb and Ken Kuehne.


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