Basic Digital Workshop - Feb 28, 2006


Session 1 of New Digital Photo Workshop Series was held on Feb 28 at the Senior Center, and was well attended with approx 30 members and guests.  Duane Whitaker led the program and was assisted by John Shedrick.

The first part of the workshop covered the basics, which included topics such as digital file management on the computer, viewing of thumbnails on the computer and transferring images from camera to computer.  Duane presented one method for organizing images into folders by date.

The second half of the session involved the use of PhotoShop to do basic image adjusting and corrections.  The topics included brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, cropping, rotation, and sharpening.

Additionally, the various types of digital files and their attributes were discussed. While the workshop was considered a 1st level course and aimed at the beginner level, comments and questions from the audience suggested topics for future workshops such as use of histogram, layers, and monitor calibration, and printer profiles.


In summary, it was a well balanced, introductory level course, and well received by those in attendance.  The workshop series will continue on March 28th.  Hope to see you there!


Article by Paul Craft
Photos Arley Clark

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