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By Nan Carder, EPSA, DFS4C, PSA Club Representative

PSA Annual Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico: The Photographic Society of America’s Annual Conference for 2014 will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The conference dates are September 27 to October 3, 2014. Conference registration is open.

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta begins Saturday, October 4th. Tour three is already filled.

PSA Website Contest: Entries are closed and are now in the judging process.

PSA Newsletter Contest: Entries will close June 1, 2014.

PSA Projected Image Division Interclub (Third Round): Congratulations go to Bonnie Matthew’s “Briana in Black” for winning an award in PID Interclub Group B. Dale Ware’s “Pismo Beach Pier” and David Wilkin’s “Yosemite Valley View Storm Clearing” both won Honorable Mentions. LPA members did very well in Round 3.

The entries for the Projected Image Division fourth and final round were the following: “Brianna’s Desire” (Bonnie Matthews), “Brown Bear 5900” (Nan Carder), “Charles Bridge Prague” (Dale Ware), “Framed Filagre” (Helen Henry), “Sandbox Recipe” (Pam Vick), and “Tall Ships” (Sue Liberto).

PSA Nature Interclub (Third Round): Entries for the PSA Nature Interclub Final Round were the following: “Burrowing Owls Fighting 2” (Arliss Dawson), “Katmai Brown Bear 3872” (Nan Carder), “Kestrel Food Pass” (Sue Liberto), “So Georgia Salisbury Plain” (David Wilkins), and “The Colors of Fall” Bill Sutton). Results have been sent to all participating clubs, and there were not any Awards or HMs.

PSA Photojournalism Division Interclub (Fourth Round): The final PJ Interclub competition entries were submitted. Entries were the following: “Blue Angels Liftoff” (David Wilkins), “Fire Control” (Maryann Ryan), “Summer Fun” (Rock Myers), “Ready to Fly” (Tina Crowe), “Bad Bulls 3824” (Nan Carder), and “Flower Girls” (Sue Liberto).

PSA Travel Division Interclub (Second Round): Results for the second round PSA Travel Division Interclub have been announced and “Rice Field Worker” (Nan Carder) received an Award of Merit, and “Yosemite Valley View Storm Clearing” (David Wilkins) received an Honorable Mention.

The final Travel Open Division interclub competition deadline was submitted. Entries were the following:  “Aurora Borealis Iceland” (David Wilkins), “Bryce” (Arliss Dawson), “Emerging from the Arctic” (Christine Wilkins), “Longsheng 8573” (Nan Carder), “Moonbow” (Diana Edgel), and “Paris Carousel in the Rain” (Matt Mahowald).

PSA Projected Image Division (PID) Creative Interclub (Third Round):  In the PID Creative Interclub second round Rock Myers and “Cool Grill won and Honorable Mention. The third round entries for the PID Creative Interclub competition were the following: “Abandoned” (Pat Ware), “Framed Filagre” (Helen Henry), “Katmai Brown Bear 2917” (Nan Carder), “Really Cool Car” (Rock Myers), “Sandbox Recipe” (Pam Vick), and “St Basil’s Rising” (Richard Wood).

PSA PID Individual Portrait Competition: Congratulations Bonnie Matthews for receiving an Honorable Mention for her image “Briana in Black Teddy” in the first Round of the PID Individual Portrait competition. The entries for the second round are closed. Any PSA member may participate. Information can be found at this website:

PSA Projected Image Division Star Ratings: Congratulations Dale Ware on receiving his first Projected Image Division Star. This is a great accomplishment. Dale had six images with 18 acceptances. Dale’s name will be listed in one of the future PSA Journals. PSA members can receive Star Ratings in all PSA Divisions. Star Ratings count towards Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA). For more information on the Star Ratings Program, please go to this web link.

For more information on PSA Distinctions and ROPA please go to this link:

ROPA Galleries may be found at this web link:

PSA Youth Photography Showcase: The Lancaster Photography Association entered images from four local high schools in the PSA Youth Photography Showcase this year. Entries included images from students at Highland High School, Knight High School, Quartz Hill High School, and Virtual Academy. There were many outstanding entries from all of these students. Thanks to Tina Crowe for her assistance this year.

PSA Southern California Chapter’s annual full-day event of photography programs and workshops for PSA members was held on April 26th: The event was free for all PSA members. The program was held at the Cal Baptist University, Riverside, CA on April 26th.  LPA members attending were the following: Nan Carder, Tina Crowe, Dwight Franke, Bonnie Matthews, Bill Sutton, Chris and David Wilkins.

On Friday April 25th and 26th there were photo Walk-Abouts around the historic Mission Inn, lead by Jan Maguire FPSA, MPSA.

There were two speakers. George Lepp presented “Extreme Capture Techniques in Nature Photography” and was sponsored by Canon Explorers of Light. Robert O’Toole presented  “A Passion for Wildlife Photography” which was sponsored by Sigma.

Pictures of the Southern California Roundup Chapter event can be seen at this website:

Images captured on the Southern California Roundup Walk-About can be seen at this website:

More information can be found at this webpage. If anyone would like information about the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, EPSA at

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