Alabama Hills Field Trip - May 14-15 2021

On May 14 and 15, 2021, Lancaster Photography Association is hosting a field trip to the Alabama Hills. We plan on exploring the rock formations and arches of Alabama Hills with night photography and light painting thrown in. We also want to explore Whitney Portal, and Manzanar as a detour to the north on our way home.

Bring your photo gear for night photography, lighting for the rocks, and ND filter for possible long exposures at Lone Pine Creek and Whitney portal waterfall.

You can plan to camp at Tuttle Creek (with facilities) or in the Alabama Hills (no facilities) or check into a hotel in Lone Pine (the Dow Villa comes highly recommended).

We just want to enjoy the beautiful views and get some great photos while we are there!

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Kathy. You can put me on the list of participants for Alabama Hills photo trip. We will more than likely stay at the Dow Villa Hotel. Send me the particulars as soon as you put them together. Don Goeschl 661 940-0055

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