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Contest Submission Help

Before submitting your entries, you should take a look at the LPA Competition Rules.

Submitting Entries

To upload and submit your photo entry for an LPA contest, you'll need to fill in each field and click “Submit”. An explanation of the fields is shown here:

Submission Form

EventThis dropdown list shows all contests which are accepting submissions. Select the contest for which you're submitting an entry.
Image TitleEach image must have a title.
Select FileClick “Browse” and select the file that you'd like to upload. Make sure that the file is a JPEG image and is between 100 kilobytes and 4 megabytes in size.
DivisionSelect your division, or ranking.
ClassSelect the class into which the entry will be submitted. Your chance of winning an award is greatly improved by selecting the most appropriate class for your image.
LocationEnter the location where the photo was taken. This is optional, but may be required for some classes such as “Travel”

Note that Division and Class may not be selectable, depending upon the event.

Your images may be up to 1024 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high.

When you click “Submit”, you'll see a message indicating that your photo was accepted by the system. If your file was rejected, a message will be displayed indicating the reason.

Editing and Deleting Entries

You may now click on the “My Entries” tab to view your entries. Select the event from the dropdown list (the closest upcoming event is selected by default).

<note>Images may be edited or deleted only up to the submission cutoff date for the contest. After that time, no images may be added, deleted or modified.</note>

<note tip>Don't see your recent uploads?

Try refreshing your browser by clicking the “Refresh” or “Reload” button. You can try pressing Control-F5 or Control-R, depending upon your browser and operating system.</note>


Click the pencil icon next to your image's thumbnail to get to the editing form. Refer to the Submission section above for details; the form is exactly the same.

You may change the image title, the division and the class in which the image is entered. You cannot change the filename or the event; if this is necessary, then you should delete the image and re-upload it.


On the “My Entries” tab, click the red “X” next to your image's thumbnail to delete it. A confirmation box will pop up so that you can confirm that you really want to delete the image.

<note warning>Deleting an image is permanent!
If you delete an image by mistake, then you will need to re-upload it.</note>


Click either of the green arrows to the right of the thumbnail to rotate the image 90 degrees in that direction. If the arrows are grey, then the rotation function is not available. This may happen if rotating your image causes its file size to grow significantly beyond the maximum allowable size.

Paying Event Fees Online

You can now pay your event fee online via PayPal, even if you don't have a PayPal account. In the upper right corner of the submission form, the fee amount and a “Pay Now” button will be shown. Click the button to be taken to PayPal's web site where you can log in and pay through your own PayPal account, or using a credit or debit card. <note warning>For increased security and fraud protection, we recommend using either a PayPal account or a credit card rather than a debit card.</note> Shortly after you've made your payment you should receive an e-mail confirmation from PayPal. Also, you'll receive a receipt from the LPA for your payment, and the submission form will indicate that the fee is paid. It may take a short time for PayPal to update our site, but typically no more than a minute. <note tip>If our website does not immediately indicate that your fee has been paid, do not re-submit your payment. We will be reconciling our records to PayPal's, and you will be credited for your payment if it has been made.</note>

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