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Using the forums here is not much different than the previous forum- You can create topics and post replies just like in any other forum. One difference that you will notice is how some types of embedded content work.


You may attach up to two files to your forum posts. Simply select the files from your computer in the two file browsers below the posting window, and your post will include links to these files automatically.

You can include “[file]#[/file]” anywhere in your post, substituting either “1” or “2” in place of “#”, to have an icon displayed for others to download your file. If you omit the [file] tags for a file that you've uploaded, a link to the file will be shown at the bottom of your post.


The “BBCode” tags that you're used to will work the same way for images:


A second method is to use the file attachment shown above. Using the [file] tags for an image causes a thumbnail of the image to be embedded in the post. For better viewing, you should use “[file lightbox=1]#[/file]” for images. The Lightbox overlays the image on the current page instead of causing the viewer to navigate away from the site.

If you do choose to show your images with the Lightbox, try to keep them fairly small. Unlike the Gallery, images in the forums are not automatically resized to be browser-friendly.


The tags to embed Youtube and Vimeo videos will be different. Instead of


the way to embed a video is now


and the same is true for Vimeo. You just need to supply the video ID and the forum takes care of handling the Youtube/Vimeo URL.


By checking the “Notify me of replies” option when you create or reply to a topic you will be notified by email when someone posts in that topic. But you can also request an email notification when a post is made in any forum.

When you've selected a forum from the main forum list, you'll see a small push-pin icon in the upper right corner. This is normally grey, indicating that you are not subscribed to the forum. When you click on the push-pin, it will become blue, indicating that you are subscribed to the forum:

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