Tips for entering images into the 2021 AV Fair
Version: : 2021
Date: Jul.14.2021
Downloads: 40
File Size: 14.83 mb
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Results for the photo exhibit at the 2017 AV Fair
Date: Aug.19.2017
Downloads: 876
File Size: 1.20 mb
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This is the releases for all the models from the June 27th workshop.
Date: Jun.29.2017
Downloads: 14
File Size: 3.87 mb
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50th Anniversary Celebration for LPA - 1966-2016
Date: Oct.25.2016
Downloads: 94
File Size: 1.37 mb
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Ken Sklute, Canon Explorer of Light

“Capturing the Elusive Moment”

Lancaster Photography Association
AV Senior Center 777 Jackman, Lancaster Ca.
November 15th, 2016 at 6 pm
Date: Sep.27.2016
Downloads: 45
File Size: 142.73 kb
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PDF file to download, enter data or type in data and send to AV Trophy.
Date: May.06.2015
Downloads: 145
File Size: 1.74 mb
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Holly Peskin's presentation from the April 2015 "Back Button Focus" workshop
Date: Apr.25.2015
Downloads: 105
File Size: 11.61 mb
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Slides from the January 2014 workshop "Tame the Beast in your Flash".
Date: Jan.31.2014
Downloads: 33
File Size: 6.73 mb
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Guide to Choosing Photography Classes
Date: Jun.21.2013
Downloads: 672
File Size: 659.34 kb
Non Commercial Photography Policy
Date: Dec.27.2012
Downloads: 59
File Size: 2.05 mb
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