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Discussion Group Notes May 9, 2008

Discussion Group

Tonight was Lady's Night Out with six ladies and two gentlemen at the table and two other gentlemen observing. Plus this was the first time for most of those in attendance. Again we ran overtime but it was well worth it.

Sue brought in a picture of a Ft Tejon shooting competition with a competitor shooting a balloon with a black-powder pistol while riding by on a horse (try saying that in one breath). She caught it as the gun was firing, complete with smoke and powder traces. She had some questions related to selling the digital image, cropping, and such. Sue has her pictures on SmugMug at http://www.smugmug.com/.

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Discussion Group Notes April 25, 2008

Discussion Group

Tonight six club members gathered to discuss photography. Jerry brought in some beautiful prints of flowers for everyone to look at and offer suggestions. There were some questions on mounting and framing. From there the discussion moved into the brightness of the prints, calibrating monitors, printer profiles, pixels, dots-per-inch, and so on. It became obvious that none of us were experts in this area. If anyone is an expert in all this then you'll be more than welcome to come and help us out.

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