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Discusson Group Notes January 29, 2010

Discussion Group

This was the night we held a special session on Photoshop Elements (PE). Eight of us sat around showing each other what we knew, and didn't know.  Some were well versed, others hadn't tried it yet, and the rest fell in between.  In the end we decided that there was not enough interest to continue starting early so we'll be going back to our regular scheduled time, keeping the option open to try it again at some future date.  Of course, anyone can ask questions at any of our meetings on PE or any other subject. There's usually at least one person with a laptop.


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Discusson Group Notes January 8, 2010

Discussion Group

This night we had 8 photographers, with Linda being a first-timer.

Linda told us of a cropping workshop in Palmdale which is part of their Parks and Recreation program. They have two dates listed, January 30 and March 27. The fee for each is $15 plus $5 for materials. They also have workshops on borders, cards, and other interesting stuff under "Educational/More choices." Under "Visual/Performing Arts" they have workshops on art and language. Under "Bus Excursions" they list trips to the Norton Simon Museum, Calico Ghost Town, the Farmer's Market Mardi Gras (Feb 13-15), and many other interesting places. Last summer they even had bus trips to the beach. Don't forget to take your camera.

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