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Discusson Group Notes November 13, 2009

Discussion Group

This Friday the 13th we had six of our usual suspects again.

I started off by showing my latest tabletop photo, "Ring Around the Rose'."  My setup was a PVC frame, about 24" on a side, with white paper background and bottom and a white bedsheet draped over the top.  My lighting was two 800 W photoflood lights, one on either side lighting up the sheet.  I'm not sure where the pastel blue in the background came from, it was there when I enhanced the colors in Photoshop.  But I liked it because it reminded me of a popular color for appliances in the 1950's giving the photo a "retro" look.  The dark shadow on the front of the bottle is from the black studio I have.

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Discusson Group Notes November 6, 2009

Discussion Group

We were six, an uncommon number.

Someone mentioned that Costco now refills HP, Lexmark, and Dell ink cartridges.  I expressed my disappointment because I have an Epson printer.

Bonnie showed her portfolio of portraits.  That was worth attending this session all by itself because she's taken some beautiful photos of Salsa and Zumba dancers as well as models and a few club members.  Catching a Zumba dancer in mid-swing standing on one hand takes real talent.

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Discusson Group Notes October 2, 2009

Discussion Group

This night we were back to our typical seven participants, mostly the usual suspects.

When Julia and I arrived we found Bonnie and Dwight fretting over Denny's new nutrition list which tells how many calories and other nasty stuff is in each of Denny's foods.  I assured Bonnie that all foods are bad for us so we might as well just enjoy ourselves.

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Discusson Group Notes September 25, 2009

Discussion Group

We had a cozy little gang of five this night.

Bonnie and Dwight described their trip to Mono Lake and Bodie.  Bonnie said that the weather was great and that they came back with some great photos.  They opted for the early entry at Bodie, which was $50 a head, but said that it was well worth it.  At Bodie Dwight pulled a little red wagon around which had their equipment, chairs, ice chest, lunch, and etc.  It sounded more like a BIG red wagon to me, but this let them stay out longer and relax whenever the mood hit them.

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Discusson Group Notes September 18, 2009

Discussion Group

The head count this night was eight, with four being first-timers.

Art talked about the PVC frame he made for his tabletop photography.  For the upper corners he used T's instead of elbows which he found to be handy.  He wanted to add a backdrop for a particular shoot so he dropped some poles down the pipe (through the open T's), made a cross piece, and draped his backdrop over it.  Real quick and easy.

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