Bishop Fall Colors, October 3, 2005

Field Trips

Once again, our trip leader Lyle Trusty, picked the perfect time to capture the peak of fall color. For the third year in a row, brilliant color was found during the first week of October.

This year, the most brilliant color seemed to lie between 7000-9000 ft, with bare trees above, and still green trees below.

Our “base camp” in Bishop consisted of hotel rooms with nice warm beds, hot coffee, and Denny’s nearby. After gathering for meals, and exchanging information on the “hot spots”, smaller groups split up and headed out.

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Descanso Gardens, April 23, 2005

Field Trips

This month’s field tip took us to Descanso Gardens. As usual we met for breakfast at one of the local restaurants to talk about our strategy for the day.  Quite a few members attended. Although I didn’t get a head count, I guesstamate there were about 13 members sitting at the breakfast table. Breakfast is a great time to just sit down and get everyone hyped up for the coming trip and talk photography. Once we finished eating, we all got in our cars and headed out.

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Death Vally Trip, March 9, 2005

Field Trips

Twenty-one members and five guests turned out for this trip that had been in the planning for months. We had three days and two nights to explore and photograph some of the most interesting places in the valley.

Most of us began the trip with breakfast at the Blue Bird and then caravanned up to Olancha, where we met up with a few more members of our group while we had another bite to eat.

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Union Station/Olvera Street/China Town Trip

Field Trips

Feb. 12 ­ Metrolink Trip to Union Station/ Olvera Street/ China Town
Led by John Shedrick and Duane Whitaker

We were unsure about this trip right down to the last minute.  Everyone was listening to different weather forecasts ranging from rain likely to clearing skies.

We decided to meet for breakfast at the Blue Bird.  The forecast seemed good and the sky looked promising, so twelve of us decided to go for it.  A few chickened out.

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