Acton Gymkhana Field Trip, April 1 2012

Field Trips

Holly Peskin
Twelve LPA members participated in the field trip to the Acton Rangers Gymkhana on Sunday, April 1st.  Sue Craft led the trip and provided tips and instruction on photographing horses and riders while they are competing in speed events.  There was an opportunity to photograph lots of action in Acton.

Some of us met at Crazy Otto's in Acton for breakfast before going to the Gymkhana.  The rest met us at the arena.  We took a group photo before going to various places around the arena to photograph the action.  The weather was fantastic.  It had rained the previous night; the skies were clear; the wind was calm in the morning, and the temperature was mild.  What a great day to photograph the horses and riders at the gymkhana.

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Griffith Park at Night and Lights of Los Angeles

Field Trips

Douglas Wade
Griffith Observatory sits on Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park. The most visited observatory in the world is a photographer’s delight. Sweeping views of the Los Angeles Basin, and beautiful landscape, greet a large number of exhibits lure visitors and locals alike. Intended for public astronomy and enjoyment, Griffith Observatory brings the fascinating mysteries of the universe a little closer.

Pam Vick
On March 8th, a group of us left Lancaster to arrive before dark at the Observatory to scope out the area. The group consisted of Arliss Dawson, Douglas Weber, Pam Vick, Wayne Staley, his niece Sarah, Jerry Stowell, and myself.

The night was pleasant, but the sky was hazy. As the sunset to the west, we observed the full moon rising, and the moon was a beautiful red.

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Death Valley Field Trip, February 10-12, 2012

Field Trips

Michael Scheall
Death Valley National Park is a desert wonderland of immense scale, beauty and power. It’s 3.3 million acres, and the vast majority of which are roadless wilderness. It encompass a staggering array of landscapes, unique geologic formations, and colorful vistas. The largest National Park in the contiguous United States, Death Valley is both beautiful to behold and rich in history, mood and mystique. Its towering sand dunes, seasonally snow-capped mountains, warm springs, and vast empty valleys offer endless opportunity for exploration and ample subject matter for the creative artist. There’s no place on earth quite like it.

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Morro Bay Field Triop - January 17-18 2012

Field Trips

"The Mighty and the Mini"

Christine Wilkins
In January half a score of LPA members met at Piedras Blancas State Beach to photograph  Northern  Elephant Seals.  The weather was clear; the winds were biting and  the seals were huge and plentiful.  In December and January female seals haul out at this beach to birth their single pups who typically weigh a whopping 60-70 pounds and gain 10 pounds each day thereafter.  About 4 weeks after birth the female seal leaves her pups, breeds again and goes to sea.  The adolescent seals remain on the beach for about 3 months, living off their fat before they too go to sea.  The male seals arrive in January to assemble as large a harem as possible.  These behemoths can weigh 4500 pounds.  Two fighting seals is a clash of the titans.  The loser galumphs off bleeding and bruised often being chased by the winner.  Then there are the young opportunistic males  gliding in and out hoping to go unnoticed by the alpha male but often run off down the beach.  There were indeed photographic opportunities both in the morning and late afternoon.

Arliss Dawson
Some intrepid souls drove down to Pismo Beach State Park during midday to check out the Butterfly Preserve.  23,000 Monarch Butterflies clustered in one Cypress Tree  to stay out of the cold weather.  Only a few hardy butterflies opened their wings in the pale sunlight.  A better photographic opportunity, according to the docents, occurs when the temperatures range in the 60 - 70 degree range.  There will be more action in this grove around Valentine’s Day when the butterflies mate before flying north.

Others of our group photographed structures around Harmony (pop. 18) and coastal sunsets, otters and the peregrine flacon pair (20 pixels in the wind).  Lots of challenges, Lots of fun.

Check out our member's photos in the gallery.

Field Trip: Holiday Lights - Dec 10, 2011

Field Trips

Clark Court : Holiday Lights and so much more.

December 10th, a group of nine made the trek to Clark Court in Lancaster to photograph the holiday lights. In attendance, from left to right, Jim Wise, Sue Craft, Doug Weber, Vickie Wise, Wayne Staley, Douglas Wade, Scott Shackelford, Carol Moss, and Paul Craft.

Paul Craft

More lights were up and ready on Clark Court this year than last year. Although two or three houses were still be decorated as we arrived. We arrived at 4:00pm to a clear night and discussed approaches to how we could maximize the evening. We talked about long exposures and shooting in Raw format. Shooting, for example, in aperture or manual mode and learning how to make the adjustments to our cameras. Shooting Christmas lights does require us to take the camera off auto; the camera sensor is confused with pen-size lights. Long exposures are required to add interest. Everyone had a tripod and was well equiped to shoot. We scoped out our houses;, we agreed the best side to start would be the west side to include the sunset glow. We talked about effects such as panning the zoom ring on the lens while the shutter is open.

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Yosemite Fall Colors - Nov 4-7 2011

Field Trips

Fall Color… ummm?

Winter Wonderland… Oh Yeah!!!

A fall color photography trip for LPA members was led by Sue Craft and Bill Sutton, to coincide with what is typically peak time for color in Yosemite Valley (end of October through beginning of November).

Instead of great fall color, we were surprised with a very early snowstorm!  Two of them actually!  We arrived Friday, greeted by the sparkly white remains of an overnight snowfall.  The view from Tunnel View was incredible!  Snow was everywhere, from the tall granite peaks, down to the valley floor.  What we came to see was buried underneath.

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Santa Anita Photographers Day

Sue Craft
Eleven LPA members participated in the 2nd annual Santa Anita Photography Day on October 7, 2011.  A $20 All Day “Press Pass” included parking, trackside photography of the early morning workouts, a tram ride, a scrumptious trackside buffet, two photography workshops presented by Canon Rep Lance Folden, and  trackside access for 8 races!  What a deal!

Bill sutton
We all gathered for that LPA “Group Pic” and since tripods were not allowed, I tapped on the shoulder of the nearest person to ask if they’d take our photo.  It just so happened to be the Canon Photo Rep!  After the group shot, Canon Rep Lance Folden shared many photo tips, and gave suggestions on how to set our cameras up for best photo ops for this event.

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AV Motoplex Field Trip - August 13 2011

Photo by Glenn Olson
Led by Arliss Dawson & Sue Craft, August 13 at 7:30am

Photo by Sharna Lee
An even 10 photographers braved the flying dirt to get close to the motocross action at the AV Motoplex.  This was a practice day, so the riders weren't pushing as hard as if it had been a competition, but nevertheless there were plenty of riders flying through the air and sliding around the turns.

Sue handed out a tip sheet with helpful tips for shooting action, and we all got some good shots using the panning and stop-action methods.

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