Cinco de Mayo Field Trip - May 5 2018

Field Trips

Kathy Newman will lead a field trip to the 24th annual Cinco De Mayo Charro Parade and Festival which will be held on Saturday, the fifth of May 2018 at Stephen Sorensen Park, 16801 E Ave P, Lake Los Angeles, CA 93535. The parade will begin at 10am on East Ave O and 170th St E and will run down 170th St until Lake Los Angeles Ave where the festivities will continue at Stephen Sorenson Park beginning at 12:30pm. Entry is free. There may be a $5.00 fee for the Music & Food Vendor Area. There will be dance groups, choral groups and vaqueros in colorful costumes.

Kathy will e-mail participants with details of a place and time to meet.

Please sign up Below.

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Red Rock Canyon, Aug 19 2017

Field Trips

Sarah Osenga
On 19 Aug, LPA lead a field trip to Redrock Canyon SP to test our astrophotography skills Most of the group met up at the Denny’s in Mojave then caravanned together up to the park campground. Several other members met the group at the campground. In addition to LPA members, we had a large number of non-members who heard of the event and came along as guests to join us for the night. In total, we had about 18 people. The experience range of the group spanned the range from folks that had never tried to shoot the Milky Way, to very experienced.

We performed a short briefing regarding some of the basics of shooting the Milky way and star trails, to help those that had less experience. After the brief, everyone split up and chose shooting locations, then at dark, those that were still relatively close by gathered for a group photo under the Milky Way. As the shooting started, everyone offered advice, comments, and advice to each other. After some initial photos, people started experimenting with light painting. The group worked together, with everyone synchronizing their shots such that one person painted while everyone else took their picture.

By 11 PM, most people headed home. Four diehards stayed around and set up to shoot some star trails. We took about 75 minutes of exposures before everyone packed up and finally headed home.

From looking at everyone’s LCD displays, it looks like there are going to be many nice pictures coming out of this trip.

Check out more images in the .

Big Turnout at Joe Davies Heritage Airpark Field Trip

Field Trips

By P. Dale Ware
Great fun! That’s what we had on our recent airpark field trip on February 24th adventure to Palmdale. According to Christine Wilkins, the event planner and leader, about 30 club members showed up dressed for the brisk weather. The temperature was quite pleasant when I arrived. However, when the sun started going down, it got b-r-r-r, bone-chilling cold. By 6P.M., my hands felt like two blocks of ice. I took gloves, but I worked with my camera more easily without them.
The airpark is located at Plant 42, just off Ave. P in Palmdale. It was named after Joe Davies, a well-loved community-spirited man who was a former Plant 42 commander. He was a great friend who used to greet Pat, my wife, and me with a hearty handshake and hugs. We worked together on several Palmdale community projects, including a fundraiser for the Palmdale Playhouse.
There are 21 retired military aircraft on display at the park, including a 1/8 scale model of the B-2 Spirit, an AGM-28 Hound Dog missile, a B-52, a C-46 and other fighter, bomber and transport type planes. I looked for the famous SR-71 spy plane I had photographed years ago, but it had been moved to the Blackbird Airpark next door.
It was a hoot working with my new Rokinon fisheye lens! I managed to get pretty close to the variety of vintage aircraft on display to try out a few distortion shots. I got one or two images I liked, but I really had to move around for better angles. Because the airplanes are positioned so close together, you have to be really alert for parts of wings, rudders and fuselages and power lines in the background. I found that working very low gave me the most acceptable results. If you visit the airpark in the future, it would be a good idea to take along knee pads or garden kneeling pads so you don’t get sore knees.
I took wide angle lenses mostly, since it’s pretty difficult to include much of the sky for sunset shots. When I left, I noticed several brave souls waiting around for the sun to go completely down. They might have been able to get some good color, but I was too cold to join them. I had to run to the bathroom on my way out. When you’re my age, and your body tells you gotta go, you better do it. Or else.



El Paso/Red Rock Canyon Field Trip October 10-11 2015

Field Trips

El Paso/Red Rock Canyon Field Trip
October 10-11, 2015

The LPA is hosting a field trip to the El Paso Mountain Range with a view overlooking Red Rock Canyon. This field trip is also open to the AV Photography Meetup and China Lake Photographic Society (CLPS). LPA members should sign up so we can get a headcount and keep everyone posted should any problems arise. Others should e-mail the organizer so they can be notified if need be. The organizer for this trip is Glenn Olson,

This trip will be held the weekend of October 10-11 to capture sunset, stars, and sunrise. The location selected overlooks an extended section, about one mile long, of the red cliffs as well as canyons not seen by most visitors. This means that we should get some very unique landscape photos. This location is also remote from any paved roads and there will be no moon so it should be a good site for photographing star trails. The morning sun should shine directly on the cliffs.

Participants are hereby warned that this area is somewhat remote. Once we leave the pavement there will be places to park passenger cars but the road up the mountain is rocky and suitable for SUVs or better (a 1996 2WD Ford Explorer made it with relative ease) with experienced drivers. The location selected is within the Red Rock Canyon park boundaries and we will not be able to camp on the mountain but there is plenty of desert space at the bottom to park and sleep over if desired. There are no facilities so bring your own water, food, and other necessities. Cell phone coverage may be spotty so you may want to bring a CB radio. The Park does not allow commercial photography without a permit.  A permit may take some time and expense to acquire.

Directions: This site is in the El Paso Mountains east of Hwy 14, just west of Last Chance Canyon, and north of Red Rock-Randsburg Rd. From Mojave go north on Hwy 14 about 20 miles and turn right on Red Rock-Randsburg Rd (if you see the sign to Bishop you just missed it). Go east about 4.6 miles where you'll see a dirt road on the left going up a canyon. There should be some form of sign and/or cars parked. The actual site is about 2.6 miles from the pavement.

For those interested, we will meet at Denny's in Mojave at noon on Saturday for lunch, leaving about 1 pm for the site. This should allow plenty of time to get up on the mountain, scope out the area, and set up for the shoots.

Disclaimer: This is a personal adventure and everyone is invited to join in. However, this is not a conducted tour and everyone is on his/her own. There are no guarantees that you will get useable photos and if you get hurt or your vehicle gets damaged you are on your own. Therefore you should carefully consider your own abilities and limitations before participating.

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Downtown Los Angeles Architecture - September 19th 2015

Field Trips

On September 19th, we will be adventuring down to the city of Los Angeles which is rich with great architecture and excitement. We will be meeting up for a group photograph at 9:15 at Union Station.

When was the last time you visited the City? We often just visit the City when we need to for taking care of business. Have you ever just walked around the City? The streets of Los Angeles and its architecture are very historic and exciting if we take the time to stop and look. This is a walking field trip to find interesting things to photograph. Many of the images you take can be used in next three upcoming LPA competitions, such as Open, Creative, and Step into the Past.

With architecture and street photography, I recommend both wide angle and telephoto lenses. The use of tripods is restricted in many of the areas. I recommend carrying your gear in either a backpack or an over the shoulder bag. You may encounter interesting people, so be friendly, but not too friendly as you may be asked to give them money. Make sure you have water and snacks. We will be photographing at the Grand Central Market, so you can eat a late lunch there.

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California Desperadoes Field Trip

Field Trips

Saturday, June 13,2015 was blisteringly hot in the Antelope Valley. Nevertheless a large contingent of LPA photographers gathered for breakfast at Roxy’s in Palmdale. After a hearty meal, said photographers proceeded to the Vincent Hill Arena in Acton to photograph the California Desperadoes at the CMSA Southwest Regional (California Mounting Shooting Association). 

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