General Meeting, February 21, 2006


We had a good turnout for this month’s meeting, with 40 people present, including 5 guests, 3 of which became new members.

There were a few items of interest announced tonight:

Our club has just purchased a new digital projector, which should greatly enhance our digital presentations.  We’re anxious to see it in use.

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Christmas Banquet- December 20, 2005


One of our favorite LPA events is our annual Christmas Banquet.   This year’s was no exception and over 50 people came to enjoy the food and festivities.

The senior center was filled with holiday cheer.  Holiday music filled the room, the aroma of ham and turkey wafted in the air, and members mingled about the Salon Show.

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General Meeting, November 15, 2005


We had 36 people present for this months meeting, which included 5 visitors… all 5 of which joined the LPA!

Welcome to new members Errol Eaton, Suzie Vogt, Todd Shultz, Tony Gould, and John Dougherty.  Tony Gould was the lucky winner of the 50/50 drawing of $41.50, and kindly donated it all back to the club.  Thank you Tony!

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General Meeting, September 20, 2005


Our program this month was presented by our LPA Vice President, Dennis Goodno.  Printers, Papers, and Inks… everything you ever wanted to know and info you never knew you were missing.  If you’d like a CD full of the latest information, and facts, contact Dennis at 

Exciting and fun events are up coming and open to all LPA members.  Next week, (Tuesday Sept 27th) Fred Frederickson will be offering a critique session for those non-winning prints that you thought should be winners.  Next month, we have an OPEN photo competition.  New competition rules and classes were made available in the October newsletter, as well as at the LPA website.

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General Meeting, August 16, 2005


Our guest speaker this month was Juan Gonzalez, from the Professional Photographers Association and he gave a presentation on Wedding Photography.

Juan has photographed 100’s of weddings, and brought beautiful framed photos, albums, and a very creative digital slide show.  The group seemed to be quite impressed with his work, his enthusiasm, and teaching skills.  Check out his website at

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General Meeting, July 19, 2005


Our program this month was a digital slide presentation about “Bodie”, by photographer Dwight Goode. Special access arrangements were made, and Dwight was able to spend several days photographing sunsrises/sunsets, and the insides of buildings. Lighting often was a challenge, but Dwight overcame that with flash, reflectors, and his Photoshop skills. Many before/after shots were shared, demonstrating just a few of the things that can be done with Photoshop.

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