January 2010 Workshop - Lightroom


Introduction to Lightroom

January 28, 2010 - by David Wilkins

Twenty-two members were present for the Introduction to Lightroom 2 workshop.

Lightroom is geared towards photographers whereas Adobe Photoshop is geared more towards graphic designers.  Photoshop contains the Bridge program which is a browser, useful for viewing your photos, and adding some keywords. Lightroom is a data base program and allows you to view and quickly find and organize your photos using keywords, ratings, flags, and collections.

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November 2009 Workshop - Color Management

November 23, 2009

This was a series of videos put together by Arley and presented by John Shedrick. Most of those in attendance were in need of guidance on how to deal with color management, so we not only learned a bit from the videos, but also from each other. After each segment of the video, we paused to discuss topics that were just viewed and tried to answer the questions that some of the attendees had. I think we all came away with at least a little more confidence in handling color management.

October 2009 Workshop - The Power of Layers

October 27, 2009 - This month, Bill presented a Photoshop workshop on “The Power of Layers”. This was the second time this presentation was given to the membership. Many members asked for a repeat to better grasp the importance and power of the use of layers in post processing their images. Bill covered the same material as last time with a few new items and tips as well. Example files that were used during the workshop were provided to those who attended and many followed along on their laptops during the presentation.

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September 2009 Workshop - Depth of Field


David tackled one of the more difficult to understand aspects of photography, especially for beginners, and explained it in a way that hopefully, will start making sense to those trying to improve their photographic skills.

He began by explaining in simple terms, just what apertures are, what they do and how the different numbers relate to each other. He used slides to illustrate the effects of using various apertures, photographing a subject at different distances and using different focal length lenses.

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