Flower Workshop, July 11 2009


Led by Tylene Trout and Sue Craft

Our new competition chairman, Helen Henry, had her thinking cap on. After accepting the position of Competition Chair and realizing the July competition was Flowers, she thought about all the beautiful flowers in her backyard and asked if Tylene Trout and Sue Craft would present their flower workshop again, at the Henry’s home.

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Off-Camera Flash Workshop - April 2009


Led by Stokely Wilson, King Photo Supply

We had a large turnout for this month’s workshop on Off-Camera Flash Photography.

I counted 48 in attendance.

Stokely began with a primer on flash photography and the various devices that can be used to tie in multiple flash units, or just a single flash unit off-camera.

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Creative Photography Workshop - February 2009


Bill took on a real challenge this time in presenting a workshop that is the opposite of what he usually presents. That is, this time he focused on making changes to a photograph that would be obvious to the viewers that it was deliberately manipulated to produce a particular creative effect.

This was timed to give us ideas and help to prepare for our March photo competition for which the theme will be “Creative”.

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Portrait Workshop - February 2009


This is the second year in a row that Hank hosted a Portrait Workshop at his studio exclusively for our club.

This time, he did four separate sessions for us in order to accommodate our growing membership. Hank spent two full days plus preparation on this, but he said that he has so much fun with this that it’s all worthwhile.

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Black & White Workshop - January 2009


Vince Capasso is an old hand at black and white photography and has mastered techniques for manipulating photographs in a chemical darkroom to accomplish just about any result you could want.

His experience and understanding of how colors relate to each other has enabled him to accomplish the same results using digital techniques.

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