Critique Workshop, September 23, 2008


So, tonight was our monthly workshop moderated by Lyle Trusty. It was all about critiquing and how to make your pictures better.

Critiquing takes a lot of courage, both having your pictures critiqued and doing the critiquing. If you bring your pictures in, you better be ready for the worst. That way there's no surprises. If you're doing the critiquing, you'd better be prepared for a lot of dirty looks.

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Astro-Photography Workshop, September 3, 2008


Led by Bill Riedhart

We got lucky!!! An evening in the desert with no wind! The temperature was near perfect, the sky full of color, and we watched the crescent moon sink below the horizon. The evening could not have been more perfect for hanging around and taking long time exposed shots of star trails.

Over thirty LPA members and guests (including two new ones who joined this evening) met at the group campground at Saddleback Butte State Park.

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Color Management and Printing Workshop


Almost all of us nowadays are either printing our own photos at home or sending our digital files to a lab for printing. Either way, if our monitors aren’t correctly calibrated, we won’t like our end result.

With the fair coming up next month, and everyone getting their prints ready, this resulted in a nice turnout for this workshop.

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2008 Fair Photography Exhibit Workshop


We had the largest turnout yet since we’ve been conducting the Pre-Fair Workshop. There were over fifty people present, with many of them being the public.

John began by explaining the fair rules and taking questions as we went along. There were questions of every sort presented. Some of them required quite a bit of discussion, especially the definitions of some classes like abstract and computer imaging. It’s apparent that we’ll need to better define these classes next year.

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Photoshop Workshop, May 27, 2008


This month, Bill took us through just about every process that can be used to make selections in Photoshop.

He explained the reasons why you want to select different areas and just what you can do with your selections.

He began with some of the simpler tools like the Magic Wand and Lasso Tool and explained all the tricks for using them, like adjusting the sensitivity, feathering the edge and refining your selection.

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April 2008 Workshop: Photoshop & Camera Raw


Presented by Bill Kuhlemeier

Even though most of us have been shooting digital for quite a while now, many of us have been reluctant to take that extra leap into shooting RAW images.

Now that camera memory has gotten cheaper and in larger capacity cards, and also RAW processing software has gotten more user friendly, our attitudes have changed.

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