Digital Workshop- May 23, 2006


This time, Don concentrated on the tools pallett in Photoshop. He showed us how to best utilize the Clone Stamp, the Healing Brush and the Paintbrush to remove blemishes and wrinkles, etc.

He also demonstrated how the dodge and burn tool can be used to whiten teeth, add sparkle to the subjects eyes and enhance eyebrows and eyelashes.  He even showed us how to use the Soft Focus Filter and Layers to selectively smooth the subjects skin while keeping the eyes and other items in sharp focus.

We all picked up some good info in this session.

For those who weren't able to make this workshop, the workshop notes are very detailed and are still available on our website.

Don put a lot of effort in putting all this together and did a great presentation.

Basic Digital Workshop - Feb 28, 2006


Session 1 of New Digital Photo Workshop Series was held on Feb 28 at the Senior Center, and was well attended with approx 30 members and guests.  Duane Whitaker led the program and was assisted by John Shedrick.

The first part of the workshop covered the basics, which included topics such as digital file management on the computer, viewing of thumbnails on the computer and transferring images from camera to computer.  Duane presented one method for organizing images into folders by date.

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Macro Workshop, April 12, 2005


Two of our newer members, Rene and Patty Caro, took the plunge and organized their first workshop.  They opened their home, and huge greenhouse to us, and shared with us techniques for photographing Cactus and Blooms.

Rene & Patty gave tips on shooting macro photography, and had pointers on shooting plants for botanical accuracy, as well as creative techniques.

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First of 5 Digital Workshops


March 22nd

This was the first time we've invited the general public into our workshops and, considering the mix up in getting the notice in the AV press at the last minute, we had a huge attendance. The largest yet. The invitation proved successful and we managed to attract a few new members.

Approximately 37 people were present to listen to Arley Clark begin the workshop with some basic digital information on memory cards, batteries, digital camera operation and transferring images to the computer.

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