Protrait Workshop, May 22, 2007


We had at least 50 attendees show up with their cameras and tripods ready for an educational, hands-on evening of portrait photography.

Bob Lion and Lyle Trusty put a lot of effort into planning the evening, coordinating with the models, and setting up all the equipment. Of course, many of our members pitched in to help out.

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Night Photography Workshop- Nov 28, 2006


It was a cold, dark night, yet I drug myself out of my warm cozy house, with my camera, and tripod, ready for some Night Photography!

Twenty five other LPA members did the same thing, and we had fun!  Lee Bergthold, AVC photography instructor for over 25 years, and Wilderness Survival Expert/ Master Photographer, inspired us to venture into unknown areas, and we “did it” in the dark.

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Night Photography Workshop- Oct 24, 2006


Since joining LPA last year, Fred has become active in club functions, often volunteering to help or chair Workshops and Field Trips, and now he's the Field Trip Chairman.

His talent for photography became evident as soon as he began entering  club competitions. He's a credit to our organization, and his Night Photography program Tuesday evening, attended by a large number of members (almost 50!) and prospective members, attests to his talents.

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Flash Photography Workshop, August 22nd, 2006


This month's workshop was conducted by Don Bennett on the subject of Flash Photography.  Don is an old hand with flash and has been using it proficiently since the days when you had to do manual calculations for everything.He explained a bit of the history of flash, then went on to cover some of the newer equipment that is currently available and the neat things that can be done with it.  Don let the many questions and comments from the attendees guide the course of the subject matter.  One of the key points discussed was how your camera handles flash when used in the different modes (Program, Aperture or Shutter priority mode).During the discussion, some of the actual effects were demonstrated and projected on the screen with the camera directly linked to our projector.  There was also quite an assortment of flash attachments and other accessories on hand which were discussed and demonstrated.

Don did a great job in his presentation and everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy and benefit from his workshop.

Digital Workshop- May 23, 2006


This time, Don concentrated on the tools pallett in Photoshop. He showed us how to best utilize the Clone Stamp, the Healing Brush and the Paintbrush to remove blemishes and wrinkles, etc.

He also demonstrated how the dodge and burn tool can be used to whiten teeth, add sparkle to the subjects eyes and enhance eyebrows and eyelashes.  He even showed us how to use the Soft Focus Filter and Layers to selectively smooth the subjects skin while keeping the eyes and other items in sharp focus.

We all picked up some good info in this session.

For those who weren't able to make this workshop, the workshop notes are very detailed and are still available on our website.

Don put a lot of effort in putting all this together and did a great presentation.

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