DSLR Video Workshop with Chris Seguin



Our workshop on May 26th, 2015 featuring cinematographer Chris Seguin gave our 30 attending LPA members some new challenges. Chris has filmed over 100 commercials and a National Geographic television show. His first videos were created on his Canon 7D. Since then his equipment has progressed significantly as you would expect.

Many of us know out DSLR has a video function but few of us have given it a try. Chris gave us some basic instuctions that will enable us to explore a whole new genre of photography.

The one hour plus presentation featured videos that Chris has created as well as directions on the settings and process. A complete detailed list is too long for this write up but I’ll give you a basic outline (courtesy of Sue Craft) of the topics covered.

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Portrait Lighting Workshop with Suzanne Gonzalez, April 28 2015


In preparation for the May 19th portrait competition, Suzanne Gonzalez gave our LPA members tips for creating great portraits. Her studio set up at the senior center included backdrops, lighting variations and posing demonstrations.  Images were taken and projected on the overhead screen to show how the lighting impacted the final photo.  Our members were both photographers and models.

Suzanne also discussed the quality of various light sources such as direct sun, cloudy days, and shadowy conditions. Various light modifiers (reflectors, diffusers, natural ) were discussed.  

Suzanne’s extensive photography background over the last 35+ years made for some colorful examples of “how not to” and “how to” make quality portraits.   She has clients which include schools, graduations, sports teams, attorneys & head shots, proms and her specialty with dancers.  She is quite active with the Glendora camera club for the past 6 years. 

All that attended came away with a better understanding of how lighting affects their images.

Photography Swap Meet, Feb 24, 2015


Senior Center, 6pm to 8pm

Everyone loves a swap meet and 30+ LPA members enjoyed selling and buying their photography toys at our photography swap meet. One person’s “junk” was another person’s “treasure”.

Cameras (current and vintage), tri-pods, lenses, camera straps, Wacom tablets, frames, etc. were available for those with the cash. All transactions were between the buyer and seller. The LPA simply facilitated the event for our members.

The bonus benefit of the evening was the many conversations and stories told as our members shared their photography adventures with each other.

Wildlife Photography Workshop, Jan 27 2015


With Brent Paull

Over 70 Lancaster Photography Association members enjoyed viewing incredible wildlife photographs taken by Brent Paull.  19 members had dinner earlier in the day with Brent at the Greenhouse restaurant in Lancaster.

Bears, Deer, Elk, Fox, Geese, Wolverine, Buffalo, Owl, Bobcat, Eagle, Hummingbird, etc. etc. were all in the show. In addition, Brent went to great detail to explain how he got the shots. He described many of their habits and ways to be ready for the animal’s next movement. As Brent explained, knowing your subject and its habits is just as important as the photography equipment, settings, etc.

Brent does over 85 safari workshops each year in the western United States. You can view his many fantastic images and see his upcoming safari schedule on his website www.amwestphoto.com. You can also be a part of his Facebook fans at www.facebook.com/brent.paull.

Light Refraction and Spirography Workshop, Nov. 25th, 2014


Presented by Bill Debley

Bill Debley’s website is www.beyondwideopen.com and the title gives you only a hint of what was presented Tuesday night (11/25) at the Greenhouse Café. It’s safe to say our LPA members were treated to photography that they had not seen before.

Bill not only showed us some creative abstract images that brought “wows” from the audience but he showed us how it was done. Bill’s engineering background was apparent as he explained some complicated qualities of light but yet his tools for created the images were simple to understand and inexpensive.

Images created with Spirography, Domes, Burning Steel Wool (at the beach only) and Refraction were amazing… most of which our members can create on their own.

The final segment of the evening was on Refractory photography. Bill is a pioneer in this area of photography. The overly simplified explanation of which is to take photos of light refracting through an object with the camera without a lens. Go to Bill’s website for a better understanding.

Bird and Butterfly Photography Workshop, Oct. 28 2014


Presented by Mathew Tekulsky

LPA members and their guests were treated to beautiful images of birds and butterflies taken in California as well as other exotic locations. In addition, Mathew Tekulsky offered photos and explanations of how he got those stunning images.  The presentation gave our members specific techniques, camera settings and equipment needed to capture our own bird/butterfly images.

Mathew’s knowledge of his craft was apparent as he critiqued dozens of images submitted by LPA members.  His comments included identification of the birds and butterflies. His critiques were thorough and based on the standards of how the image would be judged for potential publishing.

Many members purchased autographed copies of his book… Backyard Bird Photography: How to Attract Birds to Your Home and Create Beautiful Photographs

New releases coming in Spring 2015

The Art of Hummingbird Gardening: Turning Your Garden, Window Box, or Backyard into a Beautiful Home for Hummingbirds – April 2015

The Art of Butterfly Gardening: Turn Your Garden, Window Box or Backyard into a Beautiful Home for Butterflies – April 2015

More information is available at www.mathewtekulsky.com.


Time Lapse Photography Workshop, Sep 23 2014


Presented by Kurtiss Humphrey

Amazing time lapse videos and “how to” explanations were the enjoyed by all that attended our workshop. 40+ LPA members and their guests viewed numerous videos that Kurtiss created…highlighted by a time lapse video of a hot air balloons taking off from Lake Havasu City.

For those wanting the specific method for capturing these delightful images, Kurtiss reviewed the following:

  1. Tools… Camera, Tripod, Intervalometer
  2. Settings
    1. ISO
    2. Aperture
    3. Shutter Speed
    4. Focus
    5. White Balance
  3. Other Issues of Interest
    1. Motion Blur
    2. File size
    3. Interval length
    4. Battery power
    5. Image resolution

In addition, a time lapse calculation chart was available for easy reference. It details specific frame intervals and event duration for specific events such as moving traffic, sunsets, clouds, stars, growing plants and construction projects.

Thanks to Kurtiss for unraveling what could be a challenging photography project.


You Be The Judge – Critique Workshop, May 27 2014


The judges have spoken and it’s thumbs up for the images viewed at our critique workshop. LPA members viewed 25+ images and made their opinions known. LPA members from all skill levels were present and eager to offer their critique of the images. Everything from composition, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, etc came into play.

As part of the critique of the images that were submitted by LPA members, our “judges” used their best critiquing etiquette being sure to offer positive comments as well as constructive suggestions. Comments like “in my opinion” and “to my eye” were the common place. With the varying opinions came the understanding of how subjective photography critiques can be.

The bonus for the evening’s attendees was ice cream with yummy toppings. Thanks to Sue Liberto and Holly Peskin for picking up the goodies and performing the host duties for our members.

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