Macro Photography Workshop, March 25 2014


Over 50 members enjoyed a “hands on” experience at our Macro Photography workshop. Photography stations were set up all around the Senior Center giving everyone a chance to photography a variety of small things. Marbles, pine cones, nails, flowers, toy cars, pencils, straws, peacock feathers and variety of interesting items were available as subjects in the photographer’s compositions.

Noella Ballenger was our guest speaker and “macro” coach for the evening. She presented a beautiful slide show that stimulated the member’s creativity as well as gave them macro photography tips. Noella has been our guest several times in the past as a judge as well as teacher. She has traveled the world photographing the most pristine and spectacular locations. She has been published extensively and her work is displayed throughout California.  You can view her website at, or email her at

Thanks to all the brought lighting stations, props and snacks for our members.

Check out members' images in the gallery

Lewis Kemper, Canon Explorer of Light, February 25th, 2014


A large crowd was in attendance as Lewis Kemper, a member of the Canon Explorer of Light, presented a workshop on “Light, Color and Composition: Tips to improve your photographs”.
Over 100 attendees from a far as Thousand Oaks, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and Tehachapi enjoyed beautiful images from around the world. In addition, visitors from Palmdale senior center and the Antelope Valley Photographers enjoyed the presentation.

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January Workshop: Taming the Beast in Your Flash


Flash Photography Basics, presented by Julie Sutton
January 28th, 2014

Julie Sutton, a long time portrait and wedding photographer in the Antelope Valley, taught 35+ members of the LPA how to “tame the beast in your flash”. Julie’s studio is located in the downtown boulevard area of Lancaster. Named AV’s Best Photographer by the residents of the Antelope Valley for 10 years demonstrates the quality of her work.
Julie and her assistant Tanya covered the basics of on camera flash. For many of our members, the specific issues covered will open up new opportunities in their photography. Here’s a brief listing of the topics covered:

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Our Favorite Photography Things, Nov 26 2013


Tuesday, November 26th was a great opportunity for our members to share with their fellow LPA members. Specifically sharing some holiday pie (with whipping cream of course) and their favorite photography thing was the theme of the evening.

The list was too lengthy to mention them all but I’m guessing some folks added to their holiday wish list. Here’s a few of the Favorite Things:

  • Smaller versatile cameras
  • Sensor cleaning kits
  • Bubble level for your camera
  • Special cable release for long exposures
  • Polarizing filter
  • for great photography training for free
  • Car lighter charger
  • Lens focusing refinement system
  • Multi Camera carrying harness
  • Infrared camera shutter release
  • Software for creating art from imperfect images
  • Inexpensive speed lights
  • Cold weather mittens with pop out for fingers
  • Light weight tripods
  • Software for Wi-Fi remote control of your camera
  • Waterproof case for extra memory cards
  • ETC, ETC.

“You Be The Judge” Workshop, Sep 24 2013


This month’s workshop featured a viewing of numerous “flawed” images. Those images were then critiqued by our 30 members in attendance. Some images displayed obvious flaws and other images only the trained eye could detect. Our members were up to the task offering suggestions as to how the images could have been better shot in the camera and how they could be helped in post processing.

In addition to the specific elements of the critique, we discussed the best practices for giving a critique.

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Ice Cream Social and Photo Sharing, Aug. 27 2013


A fun time was had by all at the LPA’s Ice Cream Social and Photo Sharing night. Board members served up the ice cream and LPA members and their guests added the chocolate, whipping cream, nuts, bananas, sprinkles, etc. to create a great summer time treat. Over 40 members and their guests attended.

22 LPA members submitted images for all to view in a slide show. Over 200 of their favorite photos were shown. The makers of the images commented on their photos giving us the background, location and challenges of the shots. The theme of their personal slide shows varied from travel logs to specialized photography subjects.

It was great to see the beautiful images and hear the makers so passionately discuss their work. The skills and creativity of our members was remarkable.

From the positive comments we received from those attending, we will want to do this again. We’ll let you know when. Start collecting your “show and tell” photo file for your next showing.

Workshop: Photo Mounting, July 23, 2013


The Antelope Valley Fair is only weeks away and the community is busy preparing their submissions for the many competitions. The LPA is no different and Tuesday night at the Senior Center, many members and community participants came to our free photo mounting workshop.  Approximately 35 people with multiple prints took advantage of an efficient workflow and the knowledge our members offered.

Participants brought their prints and foam core backing for mounting. The LPA supplied the spray glue, cutters and mounting skills to help everyone get their prints ready for the fair. There are specific rules for the fair photo submissions to maintain consistency and fairness to all. Go to the AV Fair website for the details.  August 7th is the turn in day at the fairgrounds for all mounted images.

Comments from those participating:

“This is really well organized. I thought there would be long lines.”

“This was awesome. I never could have figured this out on my own”

“This seems like a really happy group.”

Thank you to all the LPA members who volunteered their time, tools and skills. There are many proud photographers enjoying their beautifully mounted images today because of you.

AV Fair Preparation Workshops for Photography, June 15 & 25


The AV Fair Photography Exhibit Chairpersons, Douglas Wade & Sue Craft, hosted two “Free” workshops, one at the AV Fair, and the other on LPA Workshop night.  Over 20 people attended the workshop at AV Fair, and over 30 people attended the LPA Workshop. The photo presentation was intended to aid new participants to understand rules, learn how to choose classes, register their entries, and to prepare print and digital entries. Sample photos, provided by LPA Members, were shared, to represent each class. In case you missed it, or forgot to take notes, the presentation can be downloaded from the LPA website here.

Douglas provided a “hands on” demo, and walked participants through the process of getting your print onto the mount board, and ready for turn in.  Sue provided LPA Brochures and invites to upcoming LPA events to attendees.

An invitation was given to all, and will be published in the AV Press, inviting anyone in the community to attend our “Free” July 23rd Photo Mounting Workshop, at 6:00pm at the Senior Center.  Participants can bring their photo prints, and foam core. LPA Members will be on hand to assist entrants in mounting their photos. The LPA will provide spray adhesive, surfaces to spray on, straight edges, cutters and surfaces to cut on, and offer guidance and assistance as needed.

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